PCGamer- Alice: Madness Returns Review

PCGamer: "Fortunately, Madness Returns doesn’t rely on its wind-up, clockwork combat or its vast catalog of collectibles to sustain our interest through its 12-plus hours. Instead, its strong-est feature is its extravagant, vision-ary art direction, which gleefully loots not only the sinister underpinnings of Carroll’s novel but everything from twelfth-century Japan to the grotty visions of the Brothers Quay as Wonder­land’s six sprawling domains gradually descend from whimsical dreamscapes into horrifying nightmares.

But even in its darkest moments, Madness Returns plays enjoyably with magical grace and beauty—even Alice’s spirited pirouettes from one platform to another shed blue and teal leaves. This is the real triumph of Madness Returns: you could blot out the game’s dialog and narrative, and the demented sets and gorgeous visuals would tell a mesmerizing story on their own."

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