[GAMINGtruth] Alice Madness Returns Review

GAMINGtruth's Kyle Spencer on "Alice Madness Returns":

"Following the events of the original "American McGee’s Alice", we take a a very twisted ride back through the looking glass and return to the eerie world of Wonderland.

The game is a hack-and-slash third-person action-based melee combat game that features some very fluid animations and combat controls.

The game is very open and exploratory. It does play in the traditional third person action mode but also has some very conventional platforming mechanics that work very well within the structure of the game."

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BeOneWithTheGun2737d ago (Edited 2737d ago )

Worst graphics ever. Yes, graphics DO matter. Such a shame. The story and tone was really good but good lord it felt like playing an 8-bit game on acid. After 10 pig snouts I had to return the game. Back to Infamous 2.

TheLastGuardian20102737d ago

Are you serious? There's WAY worser looking games (homefront for instance).

The art direction ALONE blows away practically any game this year (save for maybe El Shaddai).

BeOneWithTheGun2737d ago

Alice upsets me more because they had such a great game and just blew it on the presentation. Homefront was just a generic FPS, a tired and used up genre.

I wouldn't say the art direction blows anything away because for me it was pretty lackluster. The concept seems to be superb, the NPCs and music are indeed intriguing but whoever pasted it all together must have been hungover. The final product is a slew of low-res, very rough-hue set pieces that could have been so much more.

However, I respectfully agree to disagree. Everyone has their own opinions. Happy gaming.

Jack-Dangerously2737d ago

Yep. They absolutely DO matter. They of course aren't the most important thing, but they ARE important.

I'm waiting till it's marked down to about $20. Because I still want to check out the story.

DeleteThisxx2737d ago (Edited 2737d ago )

It's pretty amusing how you're able to come up with this opinion of the game after only 10 pig snouts. So, I think it's safe to assume you haven't even progressed further than the first chapter. Do you honestly feel thats fair to the game?

As for the graphics/art direction. I think they're fantastic. If you don't like them, to each their own.

BeOneWithTheGun2737d ago (Edited 2737d ago )

Indeed I played for an hour or so. For me, games either grab and pull me in or they do not. Take Demon's Souls for example. Not the best graphics but decent set design and superb game play. I put in about 150 hours on that one.

Alice just didn't have that pull for me. I really wanted to like it, rented it the day it came out and planned on buying it if it seemed good. For me, it was a let down. So perhaps I quit in haste but it's 2011 and a game has to have visuals but not state of the art every time. Little Big Planet is hardly a graphical masterpiece but the devs really made what is on screen pop. The woven texture, the colors, it showed "care" for lack of a better word. If your game looks worse than a ps2 game something is wrong.

EDIT: And thank you for the constructive criticism, guys. It's refreshing to have a debate without an onslaught of slams and demeaning responses. This is what forums should be. Bubbles to all of you who responded to my first post. Cheers.

TheLastGuardian20102737d ago

Agreed. Chapter 2 is when everything started to "click" with me. It defintly one of those games that you have to keep playing before it "captures" you so to speak.

TheLastGuardian20102737d ago


Well, I can't MAKE you like it, or MAKE you want to continue. But I really think you should. At first I was like you. I wasn't really fond of the game, and really thought that the reviews got it right (with the 5, 6/10 scores). But you just have to KEEP playing it. As you progress things just get better and better.

It's not one of those games where your grasped from minute 1. It's a game that DOES take a while, but when it gets you, man, there's nothing like it. No game has immeresed me like Alice has this year in gaming.

So like I said, it's up to you. But I highly reccomend that you try to get at least to Chapter 2. Because you might be missing on one the diamond in the rough type of games...

DeleteThisxx2737d ago

Absolutely, definitely a great experience all around. If you don't like it past the second chapter, well, at least you could say you tried, right?

Oh, also, I agree... First time I witnessed/experienced a discussion on N4G without the traditional insults:D ::breath of fresh air::

TimTebo2737d ago

Personal game of the year. The reviewers...yeah I have no comment as to why they're scoring this game so low. If this was released a year after alice 1, I wouldn't doubt it getting the same, if not higher scores.

But yeah there's rarely any platformers nowadays, and good ones....just on that alone it's my goty..loved it.

Please people forget every score you see, this is truly one of those weird scenarios where the reviewers have no clue about anything.

Son_Lee2737d ago

Those "rare scenarios" you speak of are getting more common by the day, my friend.

Anyone know how long this game is or how much replay value it has? Thinking of picking it up, but don't wanna pay $60 for a purely 8-hour experience.

TimTebo2737d ago (Edited 2737d ago )

The game is around 20 hours give or take. There's alot of collectibles in the game, and lots of unlockables like artwork and such. So if you wanted to collect everything, and basically do everything there's to do then no doubt it'll be 25+ hours. There's much to do besides the main story....

Also your packaged with the first American McGee's Alice which also is a 20+/- experience.

Really long game to be honest, a bit surprised by that.

Son_Lee2737d ago

Thanks for the reply TimTebo. Wow, sounds like I'll get my money's worth with this game. It looks really unique. Looking for a good platformer. Definitely picking it up in a couple weeks. Might get Shadows of the Damned if that turns out to be good.

TimTebo2737d ago (Edited 2737d ago )

Glad I could help Son_Lee. You really should play it when you get the chance to though. I fear that many will simply skip this game because of the score, when they might be missing out on one of them best gaming experiences this year.