A Casual Female Gamer's Reaction to Duke Nukem Forever

Gaming Irresponsibly's Josh Knowles tries to expose his wife to Duke Nukem Forever. See what her reactions were.

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agentxk2736d ago

She may blacklist me for this...

blitz0x2736d ago

I'm surprised she made it as far as she did. lol

agentxk2736d ago

Funny thing is, she was most upset about the most unusual event. Heh

ATiElite2736d ago

why does your girl loves rats?
is she out-doorsie and belong to PETA?

if my girl saw even an animated rat in a video game she would shriek and run out the room. she screamed at the rat in the BF3 trailer.

nopunctuation2736d ago

Your girl needs to grow a pair...oh wait.

dragunrising2736d ago

Precisely why I won't play this game with my fiancee in the same room.

I made it my goal to play the game and complete it. Thank you $2 Redbox video game rentals...I can try the game out for myself and see just how bad it is :-)

I reserved the PS3 version to pick up tomorrow. I heard the 360 version was nigh unplayable. Kind of unfortunate as I have Duke Nukem 3D on xbla.

BaneWilliams2735d ago

and see, no hide nor hair of rape jokes. Fucking femanists who haven't played the game getting their knickers in a twist. Thankyou :)

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dotarray2736d ago

Nice LA Noire spoiler tucked in there, too.
As a female gamer, I object to the fact that the "casual female gamer" didn't play the game herself, and only seems to be included in the story because of who she's married to.

agentxk2736d ago (Edited 2736d ago )

She hates any game she can lose. She is extremely casual, Sims and Animal Crossings are all she'll play.

Outta bubbles so here is my response to the post below:

Yeah, I would have preferred that. We have a female writer that helps us out from time to time. Perhaps we can try to get her fiance to convince her to play the game, she is a much more active gamer as well.

dotarray2736d ago

Oh, I understand that - and I know of plenty of girls who are in a similar position. I just was expecting it to be a girl at the controls and writing up the story herself.

For what it is, the story's not bad - just not what I'd expected.

Kon2736d ago

Hahaha I would love to see her face watching you play!

blitz0x2736d ago

Yeah I totally wanted video lol

Awesome-Xanto2736d ago

She should have complained more about you playing on OnLive... Lol

blitz0x2736d ago

If you have a fast internet connection (fios here), its actually a pretty sweet way of playing on a laptop, especially if you have a mac or a really old system.

Yes, I agree that its not as powerful or as impressive as a regular console, but its a great option for some people.

Awesome-Xanto2736d ago

That's cool man, I'm just not fan of it... I think it's fine as a rental service. But I would never pay full price for a game from there because you really don't own it.

They really should give there customers an option to actually own the product there purchasing... so when you have a good enough PC you can still play your games once there taken off there servers.

gypsygib2736d ago (Edited 2736d ago )

A LOT of movies released each year are much much worse in the rape department and no one complains. Games are discriminated against because foolish baby boomers still think all video games are meant for kids and they'll brainwash them.

The average age of a gamer is now 37, adult males aren't going to play the game, divorce their wives and start raping women, get over it. The worst that could happen is that they'll be turned on, which is probably rare.

The guys that are SO offended are probably the ones that found those parts of the game most arousing...seriously, read a psych textbook.

The strongest averse reaction to rape, etc. often comes from the people who are the most sexually aroused by it. They've done tests measuring blood flow to Mr. Dicken's to prove it.

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