ROUNDTABLE'D: Sensitive advice from Duke Nukem (Bitmob)

Bitmob Staff Writer Rus McLaughlin: In honor of Duke Nukem Forever's 300-year development cycle finally coming to an end, Bitmob is throwing this extra-special ROUNDTABLE'D! over to the King himself. He's been brutally killing scumbags since before anyone playing Battlefield: Bad Company 2 was born, so we can all benefit from his accumulated wisdom. You got problems? Duke's got solutions!

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Sadie21002737d ago

Haha, I love this line: "Jesus Christ, what stick has you up its ass?" I don't know if that's been done before, but if not, that's pretty brilliant.

THR1LLHOUSE2737d ago

Love it! It's good to see the Duke retain a little bit of his dignity.

Hail to the king, baby.

M3rkMast3r2737d ago

Better one-liners than Bulletstorm.

choadley2737d ago

I can't hate: Duke is still a more iconic character than half the characters he's advising.

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