PS Vita - What It's Like To Hold Sony's New Handheld

MMGN writes: This is a completely new piece of hardware. It looks different and needs to be held differently than its predecessor. The vibe I got from Vita is that it is the PSP's genetically enhanced younger brother, the baby with all of the best features of its older sibling, but improved. It's more than just an upgrade of the PSP. It's a completely new experience.

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lazertroy2685d ago

It's like Biting a York Peppermint Pattie.

newn4gguy2685d ago

I'm actually legitimately sad that people disagreed with this.

lazertroy2685d ago

Their to young to member the old York Peppermint Pattie commercials and probably thought it was a bash.

newn4gguy2685d ago

That's possible. :) Honestly though...most of the people I've talked to on here are like creepy as that is. I'm 22 and I feel WAY too old to be on here. I've been a member since I was 16 though.

Corepred42685d ago

Or it could simply be that I do not like the york peppermint patties. too simple? nahhhhh

nopunctuation2685d ago

Most people on the internet are 12 year old boys who have no idea what the awesomeness of the 90s even is so that allusion went right over them. Not to mention most people on this site just like to hit disagree to be cool and indie.

Queefy_B2685d ago

Im gonna make sweet love to the vita when it arrives at my house, the courier is gonna be like "what are you doing? o.o and ill be like "quiet fool you stand there and you watch me hold and touch the vita in ways you never seen" where do i sign?

SkyCrawler2685d ago (Edited 2685d ago )

need napkins?

On topic: It thought it would feel weird in my hands, but it didn't at all.

catguykyou2685d ago

I thought I would only have to worry about fingerprints on the screen.......

Kerrby2685d ago

Will be buying day one, providing they continuously announce games up til it's release.

Blaze9292685d ago (Edited 2685d ago )

I hope it doesn't feel like the PSP did to me when it came out. "OMG THIS IS AMAZING!....*few months later* where did I put my PSP?"

I want to make this a day one purchase, the hardware is nice as hell but at the end of the day, it's all about the games. And if the games are just console ports like it's looking now, similar to the first 1-2 years of the PSP, then I might have to pass or wait a bit.

catguykyou2685d ago

The fact that I can play psp games and ps downloads, I already have some really good games to play. :)

dragunrising2685d ago

Main reason its a day 1 buy for me. I have around 21 Playstation mini's, a dozen PSOne games, and 5 PSP games that I'll be able to put on the thing. PS plus has been too kind to me.

Ever since Sony showed off the Vita for the first time (when it was still NGP) I've been interested. All of its capabilities and game support make it a must buy for anyone that loves games.

catguykyou2685d ago

I have a psp but it just hasn't been able to quite get gaming right. Not for all genres. Mainly because of the lack of two sticks. This is a seriously nice handheld with good specs, a nice touch screen and two analog sticks. I see a lot of smaller devs working with it as it would be cheaper to develop for. I'm hoping for some good rps and maybe a new monster hunter. Day one for me because the tech is hot and the price is just right.

gta28002685d ago

How can you even question that? PSV is everything the PSP was + a ton more! The online features alone is something that will guarantee this handheld will go with me every time I step out of the door.

theIMP2685d ago

Hell yea, but I say as long as Uncharted is a launch title, I'm getting it.

ZNOOTGAT2685d ago

I'm simply blown away by the PS vita. There are so many features I don't know where to start, the possibilities are endless. For the first time i'm buying this system on day one. Hopefully Hideo Kojima has a game up his sleeves for this one.

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