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IGN - I've always found film noir, like the crime fiction that preceded it, to be one of the most obnoxiously self-perpetuating genres in storytelling. It almost doesn't need description as you've already filled in the most important story details on your own: there's a woman in distress, a detective who doesn't realize how much trouble he's in for, a corrupt police department, craven mobsters, and a wailing trumpet playing on the soundtrack beneath it all. You have read this before, watched it before, and probably even imagined it while taking a long walk home one night. Noir stories have blended together into a series of interchangeable parts.

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Tru_Ray2714d ago (Edited 2714d ago )

I wonder if the moron that wrote this article has read any noir novels by James Ellroy, Raymond Chandler, Dashielle Hammett, or Cormac McCarthy. If he knew anything about detective fiction, then he would not be spreading his uninformed opinions about one of the great American literary traditions.

Contemporary detective fiction is completely alien to the cliches perpetuated in this frivolous piece. I suppose that he is entitled to his opinion, but perhaps he should be writing about a subject that he is familiar with.

IGN is joke of a website. How the heck did they ever become #1 with their amateurish content?