110° Tomb Raider Eyes-On Preview "Pain, self-doubt and fear are just a few of the sentiments portrayed by the young, 21-year-old Ms. Croft in Crystal Dynamics newest Tomb Raider game. It's no longer an adventure about the iconic buxom archeologist, but an origins story, a rebirth of how Lara Croft comes to be, well, Lara Croft. What you saw at the Microsoft press conference was but a glimpse at something bigger. Sure, there were a ton of quick time events, but when the game actually makes you fear for Lara's life, you know you have an experience worth exploring on your hands."

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mephman2711d ago

Out of the games this year, Tomb Raider really surprised me.

ShawnCollier2711d ago

Yeah, the demo at E3 was helluva impressive.

JDouglasGU2710d ago

the demo was a tad bit strange... oddly sexual moaning combined with a ridiculously quick recovery from being impaled.

Hardedge2710d ago

I was impressed with the demo. Certainly not Uncharted 3, but it was still impressive. Can't wait to see the combat.