RipTen Review: Alice Madness Returns - Explores Insanity with a Strange and Eerie Ride

RipTen: Alice Madness Returns certainly delivers on giving a classic title an updated sequel that extends the storyline appropriately.

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SpaceSquirrel2619d ago

Not bad. I'll pick it up once it gets cheaper.

-Mezzo-2619d ago

Agreed, I'll probably get it when Amazon does the first Price Drop on this.

Sandwich Bender2619d ago

I had a friend who was totally batshit about the original.

jaredhart2619d ago

The original was great. Good to know this is a deserving sequel.

Matronedea2619d ago

Eeeek. This looks creepy but good.

CrzyFooL2619d ago

Ill pass, transformers is whats up this week

Invadersims2619d ago

Transformers is what's up every week

TimTebo2619d ago

Are you serious? Please tell me that's a joke...:/

You really should play Alice 2 though. The Dark horse for goty in my books. You really should at least TRY it. Quite a unique experience, especially if you miss platformers like Banjo Kazoie.

Invadersims2618d ago

I did play Alice...rather extensively you might say.

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