Battlefield 3 Back To Karkand Limited Edition Box Art Cover

Amazon releases new box art for the upcoming title of Battlefield 3.

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callmedom942439d ago

Do you guys mind the top new piece to the box art?

Convas2439d ago

Ehhh, all I know is that with FPSs now these days, still, up close shots of the soldier are all the rage.

gamestorecowgirl2439d ago

I'm getting stupid hyped for this game. It's ridiculous.

nano882439d ago

im getting it for xbox

Jack-Dangerously2439d ago

Thanks for sharing. I'm getting it for ps3, and other people will be getting it for pc.

YAY you got attention!!


Looks similar to Battlefield BC2, not that I'm complaining because I am a fan of it.

DrRichtofen2438d ago

It looks really good, I'm gonna pick this up for PS3. But theres one thing I don't understand, why does the guy look like he's gonna spontaneously combust?

Jack-Dangerously2438d ago

Because... He's too hot to handle...

Lol I'm sorry, just ignore that. XD Bored waiting for Jimmy Fallon to start.

DrRichtofen2438d ago

lol I don't blame ya, I'm pretty much doin the same. I wonder if the demo is gonna be the same tank scene from E3? I hope its something new *crosses fingers*

callmedom942438d ago

I know there's a reason behind it. I just cannot think of it right now.

Jack-Dangerously2438d ago (Edited 2438d ago )

I too would like something knew, which would be awesome. But, if it's the same scene it would still be great since we could get a better appreciation of the comparison... Almost time yo. lol

EDIT: Apparently I have 4 bubbles now. Key!

I'm pretty new here. I'm surprised there wasn't a notification of sorts.

bestofthebest2438d ago

I want to get this for ps3 but all my friends will be on xbox so It's a tough decision but playing with friends is more important.