Battlefield 3 Hands-on by PSFocus: Fans are in for a treat

PSFocus: Battlefield has got a large fanbase and this year finally the third real installment will arrive. DICE is promising this will be the best of the series. Last week we played some multiplayer and got blown away. It looks like this is gonna be a treat for all the fans out there.

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Jack-Dangerously2742d ago (Edited 2742d ago )

Ugh. Darn google translate.

OT: Can't wait for the one and only time I'm going to watch Jimmy Fallon try way too hard to be funny!




Ser2742d ago

Hahahahaha, I heard that.

The last time I watched Fallon was for the Uncharted 3 footage.

Kee2742d ago

Yeah, these dutch people seem to have all the news.

trancefreak2742d ago

Well since im part dutch Dutch FTW