Price revealed for Tekken Hybrid on Playstation 3

The price has been revealed for the upcoming Tekken Hybrid Blu-ray/game bundle, which is coming exclusively for the Playstation 3 in North America this November.

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ksense2736d ago

damn Sony!!! exclusive remakes, exclusive psp remaster games, exclusive games, exclusive content for multiplat games, exclusives psn games. You are missing out on a lot if you don't have a ps3 is all i can say!!

blumatt2736d ago

I hope to see more Movie/Game hybrid blurays sold for the PS3. Like the newest Spiderman game could come with the newest Spiderman movie. Would be awesome. Just keep the price reasonable and alot of people will bite.

baldulf2736d ago

40 bucks?

I was expecting something a bit cheaper. How much blu ray movies cost in the US normally?

Hozi892736d ago

I'm guessing it 20 for the movie and 20 for the game. It's a bargain to me though. I'll be picking this up as soon as it comes out. or maybe I can just buy the movie alone somewhere else.


eh...$20 give or take a few. so it actually is a pretty reasonable price. just not THAT great..a $29.99 price tag would be much more up my ally.

ThanatosDMC2736d ago

I hope there's an online versus mode and not just normal Tekken Tag 1 direct port.

Rynx2736d ago

YeaH me too. I think I read somewhere that it does have it. I still remember the TTT1 intro song

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