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In spite of the way fans embraced the first InFamous back in 2009, it had a few glaring flaws that kept some critics from fully recommending it. As fun as the morally ambiguous superhero-sandbox game could be, it suffered from too-sticky platforming, a limited repertoire of powers, repetitive city design and exploration that was hampered by near-constant gunfire from ever-present death squads. Underneath those problems were the beginnings of something great, however, and with InFamous 2, that promise is finally realized.

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NyGiants72736d ago

Gamesradar is a good site but I don't think they gave Infamous 1 and 2 enough credit.

mastiffchild2736d ago

No-it' just a game series that they haven't warmed to and I kind of get it despite being a massive fan myself(I'd give the fit 8.5 and this one a good nine)as it IS agame that some people just feewl plays like a TS but ith electricity in place of guns and grenades-I don't agree but in TPSterms iot's a very odd game and by those yardsticks and because they didn't like the first and ALL seemed to stick to it I didn't expect more than an 8 for this one. However, to me, it's a GREAT game and infinitely more enjoyable than LAN which tried hard to do something that, again to me, just wasn't a great deal of fun.

RedDead2736d ago

To me it's a TPS without a cover system. Which is off by todays standard, it feels like GTA without Cover. Not that Cover was any good in GTA. But Still you get my point, every Tps has cover these days except this.

Oh and of course you jump and climb instead of cars, to me it ain't as fun to travel around in as GTA. Would love a faster way to travel anyway. Or if the character could glide further or something. Prototype did traveling better better imo.

Panthers2736d ago

Well for me the funnest thing about the first was the way you traveled around. It was a blast climbing around and zipping on power lines.

Solidus187-SCMilk2736d ago (Edited 2736d ago )

you could take cover behind a few objects, just not everything.

Also, hanging onto a ledge and shooting over it is "cover" in this game.

I like infamous 2 alot so far, it seem like an improvement over the first. I especially like how infamous 2 has a LOT MORE color than the first. Much sharper, more detail in distance, better draw distances and cole no longer looks like a nutcracker when he talks.

The gameplay is still very similar, so fans of the first should have no problem adjusting to this one.

I dont get people who complain about how deadly the enemies in the first game were. I beat it on hard my first playthrough and it was pretty easy, only that bus with Trish kept exploding(mostly from me destroying it lol) but even that I was able to finish after a few tries.

reddeadite2736d ago

I bought inFamous 2 and it is actually quite a bit better than the first, especially when you get about halfway through the game and you get all the new powers. You actually feel like a superpowered bad-ass not only with the offensive abilities but with the movement as well (Ice Launch FTW).

N4PS3Gamers2736d ago

OMG it's metacritic score a flop!!!!!!

Dynasty20212736d ago

Couple of hours in now and I have to say, it's an overall vast improvement over InFamous, yet still feels like the first, what with the climbing mechanics, combat style etc.

Just take that and add better and newer things on top and you cant really go wrong.

Hope you're taking note Activision...

Panthers2736d ago

LOL Activision sees itself as the only game development company in existence. They will never learn from other companies.

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