Resistance Fall of Man New patch Details - includes Rumble and snapshot Mode

Turn off 40s and Tags

Private Game with password

Roundbalancing more aggressive



Decrease damage and range of Shotrange

Increase Laark reload - decrease radius of explosion and the speed

Frag grenade - less radius

More damage with Hedgehog - put smaller chance of One-Hit kill.

You can use PRT SCRN on your keyboard to take pictures and save them directly to your ps3 hard drive

Taken from the Insomniac Fullmoon Podcast


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whateva3983d ago

they should add snapshot and gameplay capture mode to every PS3 and 360 Game for now on!

Shankle3983d ago

Agreed, but surely there must be a better way than using a keyboard! For example press down all the shoulder buttons, or the start and select button at once.

Salvadore3983d ago

Noticed this while playing Halo 2 over systemlink.

jackdoe3982d ago

I agree. Sony really needs to step up and include this with KZ 2 especially since Home seems like a good place to show stuff like this off.

Skerj3983d ago

Doooooooooooope!! I wonder what weapon balancing needs there are though, only thing I really hear is people griping about being tagged. The hedgehog is already powerful, I use that over the frag especially when defending.

SmokeyMcBear3983d ago

well when you are tagged, just shake the sh*t outta the controller and it should get it off

Skerj3983d ago

Hahaha I know how to get out of it, that's what we usually tell people who complain about it. But that's the only thing I could think about when you talk about weapon balancing, everything seems pretty freaking balanced already, crap I think I might jump on PSN right now to play.

Shankle3983d ago

Just tag them before they tag you! The thing that balances out tagging is the pause after the tag shot is fired. If two people with bullseyes attack each other head on and one uses a tag but the other fires straight at him, my money's on the second guy.

DiLeCtioN3983d ago (Edited 3983d ago )

niice now i can show my mates how i pwn noobs online....going for a 20kil again

EDIT: to all tag noobs please stop its so annoying it just shows how crap you are at the game. lol its so funny when they miss i carbine their a$$ and sound (headshot)

Torch3983d ago

I wish they'd add the option to filter out Conversion from ranked games.

I friggin' hate Conversion.

But maybe that's just me. ;)

Shankle3983d ago

Nope, I agree. It's only fun for the top few players

SmokeyMcBear3983d ago

yeah it awards the campers, pretty annoying, since im always gung ho with guns blazing

TheUltimatePS3Fanboy3983d ago

thats great oh and dude
"Decrease damage and range of Shotrange" do you mean shotgun?
"More damage with Hedgehog - put smaller chance of One-Hit kill."
but <--
Well anyway I'm glad we finally can turn of 40's and tags lol.

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The story is too old to be commented.