New Xbox 360 Exclusive Kinect Based Shooter To Feature Multiplayer

Dual Pixels - Microsoft's new first party studio in Vancouver is developing a Kinect based shooter and new job listings confirm competitive and/or cooperative multiplayer support for the new title.

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slavish32739d ago

i hope the controls are like that kinect game nightmares and not on rails.

BakedGoods2739d ago

Kinect + Shooter does not compute.

captain-obvious2739d ago

i wonder how the controls are going to work

RedDead2739d ago

I hope it does, if someone can manage to make a good shooter with Kinect then props to them, it would open alot of poential for the device but again...if anyone manages...really seriously well done

VampiricDragon2739d ago

if it doesnt use a controller it has to be on rails or the controlls are broken

your leaning and pointing and its a mess.

slavish32739d ago (Edited 2739d ago )

u don't know what u are talking about kinect has a first person game that's not on rails its called rise of nightmare. Don't talk about something when you don't know anything about it. Thats TROLLING

VampiricDragon2739d ago

rise of nightmare is worse than on rails. you lean and you wave your arms all over the place.........

theres no chance its good with broken controls like that

I know exactly what I am talking about

Biggest2739d ago

What were you trying to prove with that video? It looks very rail-ish.

Megaton2739d ago

That actually somehow manages to look even worse than on-rails.

2739d ago
JOHN_DOH2738d ago

true that game isn't on rails but it looked awful. I don't know if it was because the person didn't know how to play but it seems like you move so slow and sometimes was walking backwards

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manumit2739d ago

At least MS has a new first party studio.

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