Actor Michael Rooker Goes from Battling Zombies in The Walking Dead to Call of the Dead

Michael Rooker is one of those actors who’s been in a ton of movies, but who many people wouldn’t know by name. He’s lately a very familiar face to zombie and horror fans. He played Merle Dixon in AMC’s hit TV series, “The Walking Dead.” And now gamers can see a virtual representation of the actor in Treyarch’s new Call of the Dead game. Rooker stars alongside George A. Romero, Robert Englund, Sarah Michelle Gellar, and Danny Trejo in the new game. He talks about working with the undead again in this video interview.

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tigertron2709d ago

That guy was great on The Walking Dead. I hope he returns in season 2.

candystop2709d ago

OH yeah he will be back after surviving what happened to him. Hope season 2 is longer than season 1.

NLGSean2709d ago

He was also in Slither... and excellent in Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer