Nintendo is Killing WiiU Before Its Even Out

PCN: "Whenever a new console is announced everyone gets a bit excited. It’s a new console, which means new games, new hardware, and normally new features. Of course all the standard features from the current generation are normally carried over too. That is unless you are Nintendo which sees no need for anything beyond new games. Wii was a success, but WiiU might be dying before it even hits store shelves."

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TheViper2741d ago

Article has more wrong data than a glitching Star Trek droid.

But considering the source and the topic at hand, is it really surprising?

jwk942741d ago

The only wrong data in that article is the controller aspect, it can support wii controllers, other than that, it's fact.

VampiricDragon2741d ago (Edited 2741d ago )

actually theres not one thing thats fact.

The only fact is Nintendo is killing _______ before its even out. You can put in any name and the articles will come out.

I have 10 dvd players from all my systems. I really dont need one.

Computersaysno2740d ago (Edited 2740d ago )

Wrong data or not, we all saw how powerful the internet was when it came to shaping public opinion over a product with the negative press surrounding PS3's launch.

Nintendo should fear the wrath of the internet even more 5 years on. It can be be powerful enough to seriously impact a new games console.

Louis_Guzman2740d ago

Lol, if the internet is anything to go by, than the Wii should have been a failure from the get go. How's that working out for ya?

N4g_null2740d ago

Wow this kid thinks the Internet shapes peoples minds lol. The ps3 had no games and people didn't want to ditch DVDs and oh yeah the price.

Wii play bowling sold tons of wiis. The wii was deemed active gaming by your parents lol. Then adults decided to spread the word before a resseion hit.

Not sure why these kids believe in cliches. It's just perception which means nothing in the real world. It only works on people who are govern off nothing but perpressure.

When it comes to gaming it's about word of mouth and show me. If you can't do that then you are a smoke blower.

jwk942740d ago

So Vampiric when did the WiiU get blu-ray and dvd functionality?

Computersaysno2740d ago (Edited 2740d ago )

The internet can and does shape opinion and has become an incredibly powerful social tool. Anyone who doesn't believe or understand (scissor...louis) that in 2011 that needs a massive wake up call, because they know nothing about the modern world.

What you might to refer to as the original scepticism of wii prelaunch on the net came from the CORE gamer contingency that failed to see a powerful casual movement just waiting to happen. Not casuals. Wii always was/is aimed at casuals. So no casual/parent/housewife who bought it cared about what you or me or any core gamer thought about it and wrote online in games forums or games sites etc before its launch.

Ps3 however was targeted at core gamers as a core machine. The launch price alone made that obvious. So when it came to core gamers talking about the machine online in their forums and such then yes, it did indeed affect the early stages of PS3's life negatively.

You could also observe this affect with RROD and 360. Online communities identified a problem first and the damage to 360's reputation certainly caused sales to be lower than they might have been, as many have pointed out.

So now to my point as observed earlier.

Nintendo are talking about selling this thing to core gamers, they are talking about pricing it for core gamers. If it starts its life with a bad rep amongst core gamers influenced by sites and articles such as this then it will find reaching favour with said audience considerably more difficult....

BeOneWithTheGun2740d ago

I would take no dvd if it shaves 50 bucks off the price. I use my ps3 for bluray anyway

N4g_null2740d ago

Computerssayno then if the Internet blow back is going to hurt any one then it will be pro ps3 and xbox fan sites who spread the wiiu is the controller fud.

Opinion is easy to change since people have short memories and simply buy what they want rather than what so one tells them to.

Remember the whole n4g don't buy cod or how about ps3 gamers don't play cod then it out sells uncharted lol.

What about every one is going to get a pspgo! Or the famed ps3 will be second this year chants. Or better yet hddvd is going to win. Or every one is watching blu ray. Net flix says hi.

These are called bubble are hype and are based on opinion. The Internet is a great place to vent. Do people do what they say no. Talk is cheap and this is what you are basing the future off of.

This is what fuxked a lot of developers up was believe what multiple account holders where saying. These are the same people who have time to make trolling based web sites.

Sarcasm2740d ago

Some of you guys are missing the point that if Nintendo is truly targeting hardcore + casual gamers, then that means Nintendo needs to give people a reason to ditch or not buy a PS3/360 instead. Instead they are taking out a lot of the reasons why people own a PS3/360 which is the games + other features.

Why would any person buy a $299 (or however much it will cost) Wii U to play Battlefield 3 when you can buy a PS3/360 that does the same thing but have a solid network infrastructure for online gaming already set in place as well as having all those other features that the Wii U will lack.

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Soldierone2740d ago

There are actual links in regards to anything needing factual backing which provide direct quotes from Nintendo stating so. One WiiU controller, nothing was mentioned that other controllers wont be used, and why would you buy a brand new console just to use it as a Wii? And WiiU will not include support for DVD or Blu ray playback.

The rest of the article is an opinion piece on rather or not these decisions could hurt the console or if other companies have just simply gone too far in offering too much for a game console. Too bad people won't read past the headline huh? Or read it with a negative attitude in mind and only clicked to put someone's opinion down.

NLGSean2740d ago

The Wii sold 87 million units worldwide WITHOUT DVD playback... So all this talk about not having a DVD and Bluray player is BS... I have 2 Bluray players and about 8 DVD players in my house with all my systems, why do I need another?

Also Reggie Fils-Aime stated 2 Wii controllers could be used...

Soldierone2740d ago

@NLG the article is about just that if people would read it....It simply asks if the other two companies have spoiled us with features and if a pure console can withstand such motives.

and if im not mistaken you buy a WiiU for the WiiU controller, so why do Wii controllers matter? Stop trying to find ways to flame people....It states one WiiU controller, nothing else.

Livin_in_a_box2740d ago

Nintendo did state one WiiU controller but as I reported at Games Pundit and more recently someone on Kotaku, 4 WiiU controllers can be used at one time- it's just a huge price issue. Here are the articles in question:

Also I think the DVD debate is pointless. Who hasn't got a DVD player in their home? Blu-ray is different because, as the article says, it is owned by Sony and putting Blu-ray in will cause uneccesary pricing increases inevitably.

WiiU's biggest problem now is the bad press it's getting and if Nintendo can pull off something special, I just can't see it being the same runaway success. Also, I think re-using the Wii name isn't the best idea either because people will think it's just a rehash. But it's worked to some extent with the 3DS but only time will tell.

SinnedNogara2739d ago

Who cares if it doesn't have DVD or Blu-ray support. I have:

A Netflix account
Blu-ray player in living room (my dad's)
My TV has a built in DVD player
Three PCs
My laptop

My cousin lives next door and he has:

DVD player

Yeah, I can watch movies wherever the hell I want :D

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Apex132741d ago ShowReplies(1)
Jejojaja2741d ago

So tired of these articles...

Can't we just wait and see if it actually fails or not.

VampiricDragon2741d ago

exactly and so far nintendo hasnt had a "failed" system ever aside form the virtual boy. They make profit on every one of there systems and games basically

jukins2740d ago

n64 and gamecube say hi!!!! only things that failed harder than those systems were 3d0 and virtual boy.

Louis_Guzman2740d ago (Edited 2740d ago )

Gamecube and N64 made a profit,kiddo. Btw, you forgot to add Atari Jaguar to that list.

FredEffinChopin2740d ago

If you measure the success of a system by whether or not it was profitable, then sure. As a gamer, I measure success in how much use I get out of it. The N64 and Gamecube had horribly disappointing libraries aside from the 1st party software, while the competition offered gamers a huge array of titles to choose from. I was forced to finally buy a Playstation for lack of anything to play on my N64, and stayed with Sony the next generation, though I did eventually pick up a Gamecube as well, mainly for Zelda.

Awesome nick btw.

N4g_null2740d ago

Jukins nothing beats the go pspgo did it even have games released for it? Yet the virtual boy was there ya go before it's time with 3d gaming lol. No one cares but those controllers where boss.

I would pay good money for a wiiu mod using those controller grips.

Even patcher hated it and he is a Sony fanboy.

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jukins2740d ago

ok scissor you're right forgot about the pspgo lol. but really you guys think the nintendo 64 with its expensive cartridges in the cd rom age wasnt fail? or the gamecube it sold so bad that nintendo had to halt production so overstock could be sold. come on fanboys.

why do you think nintendo went low cost with the wii? it wasnt because their previous systems sold great lol. @Louis did I say they didnt make a profit or did I just say they failed? huh "kiddo"

no matter what way you twist or no matter how many mario tatoos you have to deny n64 and gamecube being a failure is just pure fanboyism. in fact it was the very failure of nintendo that allowed sony to take over the video game market for over a decade, and that in turn spurned microsoft to jump in and here we are today.

ali711arab2740d ago (Edited 2740d ago )

So true

and @FredEffinChopin

I could give you 20 titles right now for the N64 that don't include the words Zelda or Mario that were amazing. Play more games.

also see this

Green_Ranger2740d ago

A ps3 website wrote this?...Welp, nothing to see here folks

FredEffinChopin2740d ago

Not that I necessarily disagree with the point made in the article, but I agree (with you). I don't think a Playstation or Xbox site has the right to go around trying to write objective looking articles about how Nintendo's ______ sucks, and vice versa.