Sega exec hints at HD Sonic on Wii U

Warp Zoned writes:

"A week ago, Sega’s Executive Vice President of Marketing told GameSpot that Sonic Generations wouldn’t be coming to the Wii U. This was surely disappointing news for many Sonic fans.

Thankfully, Mike Hayes, the President of Sega West has some good news to balance it out."

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Yi-Long2739d ago

... focussing on the platforming and exploring and finding new routes that made the first 2 games so great (and Sonic CD).

TBH, I have more faith in the fanmade Sonic games (like the gorgeous looking Sonic Remix), that I have in Sega's efforts.

jacksonmichael2739d ago

With their statement earlier about why Sonic Generations wouldn't be on Wii, this article is bordering on derp territory.