EA CEO Wants Call of Duty to 'Rot From The Core'

EA and Activision have been trading barbs for a while now concerning their respective shooter titles, Battlefield 3 and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, which will go head-to-head this fall. Recently, Activision Blizzard CEO Bobby Kotick doubted Battlefield's presence on consoles, and EA boss John Riccitiello fired back, saying Activision feels "threatened" by Battlefield. During IG's meeting with Riccitiello at E3, he went even further, telling IG that he wants Activision's franchise to "rot from the core," and he thought the pre-announcement of the Elite subscription was a terrible idea.

What does "rot from the core" mean? Essentially, he's saying that Call of Duty has become a mass market phenomenon but that hard core gamers will recognize the quality of Battlefield vs. Call of Duty this holiday and will, he believes, gravitate towards Battlefield instead.

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BeastlyRig2742d ago (Edited 2742d ago )

It has already..

But I don't trust EA either! If they sell like call of duty they will turn into jerks even more!

news4me2742d ago

We can only hope that they don't replace the garbage that is COD with more garbage...

Yi-Long2742d ago

... the outside being Activision/Bobby.

Hidden inside WAS a good game, yet Activision has beat down on the series with DLC-milking and scamming and repetiveness.

JeffGUNZ2742d ago

Anyone getting tired of EA and their trash talking? Enough. How about you wait till the game is released before you go around trashing the compeition. They haven't even revealed MW3 multiplayer yet. Yeah, I bet it is going to be more of the same, but at least wait till you see everything the game has to offer.

EA, how about you staty showing your BF3 on xbox and PS3?

Tank_Commander_E62742d ago (Edited 2742d ago )

It's about time someone takes it to Activision/COD. I want you to hit harder EA! Go for the jugular! >: ]

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Buff10442742d ago

Now that's a great quote. Bottom line, COD is the undisputed king. Almost all the pressure is on EA after releasing that mediocre Medal of Honor last year.

fluffydelusions2742d ago

Yeah I can remember how much they hyped that game for like a year before it released.

metsgaming2742d ago

i rather have Medal of honor then all the COD games.

Buff10442742d ago

Well when I said undisputed king, I didn't mean that I love and therefore support COD. It's more like...this is the biggest franchise in terms of sales...EA must prove it can make a dent.

It's sort of like when 2K Sports was competing with EA with football, basketball and hockey. It's EA's job to dethrone Activision.

JeffGUNZ2742d ago

I am worried that all this hype won't be backed up with the final product.

Convas2742d ago

You know what, this juvenile vitriol spewing hate crap from EA needs to stop. It's like after E3, they've lost any sort of professionalism they had. They are now acting like children in a school yard.

iamnsuperman2742d ago

I agree I have lost a great deal of respect for EA. Is it too much to ask for them to release a game without this childishness. Just let the game speak for its self and advertise it like a professional company

Fallouts2742d ago

c'mon you guys are taking this a bit too serious..

nothing wrong with trash talking, we all do it, your kidding your self if you say other wise..

let the fighting words continue!

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AdventShadow012742d ago

DAMN I understand that call of duty is not a very good game, but why is EA talking shit all of a sudden? Acticision has never said anything about battlefield and e the talk so much sh!t. I despise Call of duty but I would never really waste my time on that wack game. I wouldn't even mention it. Is EA jealous of Call of duty's success? I think they are.

news4me2742d ago

Acticision never said anything because they don't exist...

Ser2742d ago

"Is EA jealous of Call of duty's success? I think they are."


It's called running a business. Why *wouldn't* EA want more money?

JeffGUNZ2742d ago

Yeah, but all this trash talking is getting old, quick. Especially when E3 came and went and they STILL didn't show the game running on a console. Give me a break.

They hyped up Medal of Honor and talked smack too, look how great that turned out.

Ser2742d ago

Medal of Honor was horrid, it was basically EA's attempt to fight CoD with CoD.

They're doing it right this time, though...They're fighting CoD with Battlefield. As I've said many times before, if there ever was a game deserving of its hype, it's the sequel to one of the best PC FPS titles out there - Battlefield 2.

This game won't fail like MoH, mark my words.

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