Mine Like You Mean It With New Minecraft Foam Pickaxe

Great news Minecraft fans, the fine fellows of finally have the Foam Minecraft Pick on sale and in stock. For just $19.99 nothing will be un-mineable and you'll be slightly safer from pesky nighttime zombie attacks.

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Cwalk8162738d ago

Halloween costume prop found.

AndrewNino2738d ago


This has got to be every nerds major accessory! : P

TheFodi2738d ago

Video games toys are the greatest.

WhiteLightning2738d ago

Does any other UK person here HATE how Thinkgeek dosen't have a UK website.

Theres a ton of stuff I want from that site but I'm not a fan of international shipping.

It's like I want to give them my money but they don't want it

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