E3 Replay: Naughty Dog demos UNCHARTED 3

One of my personal favorite moments from our E3 PlayStation live show has to be Naughty Dog’s visit. Community Strategist Arne Meyer brought along a doggie bag of Sully fries, a double quarter-pounder of Nathan Drake, and a jaw-dropping demo which premiered at our PlayStation E3 press event. You may have also seen this demo make its late-night premiere on Jimmy Fallon last night, but that was only a fraction of UNCHARTED 3: Drake’s Deception

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swiftshot932686d ago

In all seriousness, this game really does have the best animation system, ever. ffs, drake is touching the doors, walls, and objects in his way throughout that demo, its a crazy amount of attention to detail. Whats most amazing is that ND doesnt sacrifice the controls for the quality of the animation (looking at you Guerilla Games, Rockstar).

lil Titan2686d ago

i hope Sony records there own E3 next year, hearing that girl talk smack about Sony/PS3/Vita on G4 is just unacceptable

Drekken2686d ago

That was so annoying. Journalists love to hate Sony. Its really sad.

Anderson82686d ago

they did stream it themselves

2686d ago
mll092686d ago

I am saving myself for the real game, the temptation is so great to watch this video at the moment, MUST, RESIST.

femshep2686d ago

i can never watch an uncharted interview the game is all story so when they talk about it its all spoilers

i was hoping e3 they would show the multiplayer during the sony conference instead i had to pause the spoilers allowed