Minecraft for Kinect is an XBLA title, ported by 4J Studios

More details have begun to trickle out on Swedish developer Mojang Studios' first Xbox 360 title, a Kinect-enabled port of indie hit Minecraft. Beyond the fact that it'll be some form of indirect port and that an unnamed developer other than Mojang was at the helm, few other details were known, but as Minecraft creative lead Markus "Notch" Persson revealed on his Twitter feed last night, Scottish devs 4J Studios are apparently in charge of this holiday's world-builder.

If you, like us, are unfamiliar with 4J, a cursory Wikipedia'ing reveals work on a wealth of ports, not to mention a handful of not-so-well-known original games. Hopefully any worry you have in the studio's confidence is abated by the fact that Notch will remain a game designer on the project, presumably retaining creative oversight.

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xX-StolenSoul-Xx2738d ago

More of this minecraft, I bought this game to see what was so good about it and all i see is a horrible game that for some odd reason people play.

user98412882738d ago

These games are for people who have nothing in life and need something to keep them busy all day. It's pretty much for people who play World of Warcraft but just sit in towns and troll because nothing will ever happen in their life and making friends in a video game is still too hard.

Takoulya2738d ago

Seriously? Perhaps you're so used to your generic linear shooters that you forgot the joy of using your on brain to do something in a video game?

Ser2738d ago (Edited 2738d ago )

You guys are hilariously wrong.

Minecraft is a blast. Creating your own kingdom made out of...snow, for example, is really awesome.

f7897902738d ago

In the end nothing is accomplished from any game you play except a sense of achievement. Minecraft stays fun as long as you give yourself goals. If you need to be guided around nonstop by the game, buy something else.

BeastlyRig2738d ago

lol 2Million people think you have bad taste..

AllroundGamer2738d ago

well there are 2 million nolife nerds, who are building castles out of snow... :D

AllroundGamer2738d ago

it's just a retro thing from the 90s and was hyped by the ubernerds... just laugh at them, let them build their architectures brick by brick and move along ;)

Solid_Snake-2738d ago (Edited 2738d ago )

little big a map play a a it. minecraft is the same apart from one isnt a one trick pony side scroller.

i dont like minecraft but h8 people who assume because it isnt a FPS/TPS adventure game like 90% of console games its for no-life loosers. all the h8rs on here have never sat and played pinball,marble madness,klax,loopz and pipe dreams.

xX-StolenSoul-Xx2738d ago

assuming we only play FPS is wrong. I love RPG games don't get me wrong. It's just this game is not for me.

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Wikkid6662738d ago

I bet it ends up in retail instead the market place. Seems like a trend for Kinect titles.

Nes_Daze2738d ago you create your "kingdom"...then what? Can you spawn 100 enemies to attack your kingdom so you can defend it? can you add campaign elements to the world you have created? If no, then this game is just a virtual lego. I've played it before, and honestly, it's a good game, but not as good as some claim it to all.

Ser2738d ago

Actually, you CAN spawn enemies, and you CAN create RPG/campaign elements with tools and mods.

You should try to look for this stuff before knocking the game.

Nes_Daze2738d ago

This is why I asked, and exactly how do you spawn enemies? With mods? I think they should make minecraft much more accessible, as I said, it is a good game, but loses its purpose after you've created those empty buildings made of hours of tedious digging.

Ser2738d ago

Yes, there are all sorts of different mods for Minecraft that do different things.

You have to remember, the game isn't even finished yet - it's still in beta. I'm sure Notch will be adding stuff to the game even after its completion.

Minecraft isn't a $60 game with a huge publisher backing its advertisement, it's an indie game that costs around $15. You're kind of getting what you pay for.

Dazel2738d ago

I just hope they keep it a 1200 point game or you might as well buy the pc version. My daughter is looking forward to it.

JOLLY12738d ago

I love when people think anything different from their opinion is the most useless thing ever.