Game Anywhere, Anytime with G155 Portable Gaming Environment

Forget handheld gaming consoles, the G155 portable gaming system was announced to be available for pre-order with shipments starting as early as June 23rd. This self-contained gaming system will hold everything you need to create an optimal gaming environment.

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Eades2739d ago

That picture makes no sense... Why would anyone play on a tiny screen in their living room?

He must have spent all his cash on those couches.

jesscamegan2739d ago

obviously... AND his haircut!

GamerLiveJared2739d ago

Saw this at E3--looks like Gaems is doing it right this time. I have horrid memories of Intecs product line.

JakePayne2739d ago

What about power? Do you still have to plug it in somewhere?

CommonCent2739d ago

Of course, "if" there is a battery somewhere in there it would only power everything for what, 10 minutes?