Duke Nukem Forever Review ( writes:

"The aging loud-mouth hero doesn't take himself too seriously in Duke Nukem Forever, and neither should you. Overall, nostalgia simply isn't enough to save this bland and repetitive shooter."

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DrFUD2739d ago (Edited 2739d ago )

these guys are buttheads
Duke Nukem Forever had no hype
It was obvious it was a troubled production otherwise it would have been out (common sense)
Nobody makes anything hotter than fire and keeps it under wraps because it would be stupid to the point of not being possible anyway.
Now the media is so ass trained from taking the same COD every year up the pooper they feel anything wider is in violation of their good taste (like they have any).
What a joke.

DNF - 8/10

gnrslash492739d ago

cant say it any better than DrFUD ^^^

-one review i read said that DNF showed zero "creativity"- coming from people that take COD up the A** every time a "new" one comes out...

DNF - 8.5 / 10

Farsendor12739d ago

i agree with most reviews on this game ill never play a duke game so i shouldn't really have an opinion about it but i don't like how women are portrayed as sluts in this game.

_Empath_2739d ago

Game is awesome worth every penny. Sorry that I really enjoy it haters.