GameFront E3 – BioShock Infinite Looks Great, But Also Like It’s On Rails

GameFront, "The more I see for BioShock Infinite, the more torn I am about the game. On the one hand, it looks simply phenomenal, and the gameplay demo I saw at E3, which was eyes-only and included no hands-on time with the game, reinforced and amplified that feeling again and again. The game is beautiful from a graphical standpoint, and the impression I’m continually getting is that the increased emphasis on character and story — specifically the relationship and interaction between protagonist character Booker DeWitt and his companion/ward/rescue target, Elizabeth — is deep and engaging."

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romancer2741d ago (Edited 2741d ago )

I found the original Bioshock to be an amazing experience... but this indepth article make me wary of Bioshock Infinite. I share the author's concerns about gameplay -- and I even wonder if this game has much connection with the original (despite Ken Levine being at the helm.)

Of course, I'll pre-order it, and show my support for the series (based primarily on the first game). But the videos I have seen, for Bioshock Infinite, while impressive, incline me to think that this is really quite a different sort of game altogether.