Game Republic Submitted A Folklore 2 Proposal

Today news has spread that Game Republic has closed but apparently the studio attempted to do a sequel to its cult hit Folklore before shutting down.

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Keith Olbermann2740d ago

Damn..i loved Folklore...oh well.

Iamback2740d ago

did you finish it? I found game extremely boring and repetitive. But the art was beautiful

Surfaced2740d ago

"Folklore was an inventive and beautiful adventure game which to this day still has the best use of the SixAxis controller "

False. Sorry, that's objectively false. Flower has the best use of sixaxis motion control, period.

BlackIceJoe2739d ago

It is to bad Folklore 2 could not happen. I for one think a Folklore game could work really well on the Vita. So I hope in the future Sony will rethink this & bring out Folklore 2.