E3 Replay: Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time

I wanted to thank everyone for the great reception we received at E3 when we announced the next installment of the Sly Cooper franchise, Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time, which will come to the PlayStation 3 in 2012.

In case you missed it last week, here’s a broadcast segment we did with the live from the SCEA booth on the E3 show floor. We knew Jeff Rubenstein was a big fan of the series and this was the first time he had a chance to see what we had been up to. He had a bunch of great questions for us, and a bunch more that we’ll be answering over the next few months!

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ksense2713d ago

still waiting for a little price drop on the sly collection before I jump into this series. looks really good though

Abash2713d ago

It's $30 on Amazon, which is a steal for those 3 great games remastered in HD.

Croash2713d ago (Edited 2713d ago )

Abash is right.
I bought the collection for 40€, Sly 1 took me 6 hours to beat, Sly 2 made me play for 14 hours before I could see the end of it and Sly 3 had a 10 hours long adventure.

What's that? 30 hours of gameplay (and I didn't finish every single task).

Definitely worth it. I'm a little bit scared about Sly 4, even though the game looks good, I can't help being annoyed by Sly's horrible new look. It's not as striking as Old New Cole but still doesn't feel right (what's wrong with the colors?! Let's compare: and )
Eh, I still think Sanzaru can handle it.

adamant7152713d ago (Edited 2713d ago )

Lmao, what are you seeing? They look exactly the same. Other than a few minor removals..

2713d ago
Croash2713d ago (Edited 2713d ago )

Okay...I've found better pictures to clearly show what I meant.

These two versions of Sly have visible differences.

I understand that, unlike The Sly Trilogy, this Sly had to be made from the ground-up using PS3 technology.
But it feels like something is wrong with the colors they've used and the way his face is shaped.

DrRichtofen2713d ago

@ Croash

Yeah I think you're right Sly's colors seem more rich than before. I don't necessarily have a problem with it, but it does seem to overshadow his finer details like the creases in his shirt, and the details in his ear and on his hat. But I have to give props to Sanzaru for keeping the same gameplay and visual style as the classic sly games. Even though it's being made by a different developer this is starting to look like a true sly sequel and if I didn't know it was being made by someone else I'd have thought suckerpunch were doing it themselves.

mll092713d ago

I suppose it does release in 2012, the can work on the creases in the shirt and the ear, who knows they may even fine tune his face even more, but the gameplay seems to be the same. I would have preferred to see mission gameplay rather than boss gameplay but you can't have everything i suppose.

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OllieBoy2713d ago

I don't see it dropping past $30, dude. Just get it, three great full-length games and they look AMAZING in HD.

DrRichtofen2713d ago

Give us a collectors edition with a life size version of Sly's cane, then I can happily ever after :)