Console Energy Consumption Has Decreased According To Latest Report

GameBlurb writes, "Are you an environmentalist? Concerned about your energy consumption at home? The latest energy report shows which console has the least draw from power."

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avengers19782738d ago

both sony and ms made more enegy efficent models... using less power to run the same machines. I'm not sure why they don't make them more efficent form the beging.

ProjectVulcan2738d ago (Edited 2738d ago )

....because they used high end processors when they launched. So they consumed a considerable amount of power and created a lot of heat. As process technology has advanced, i.e the ability to build the chips with smaller and smaller transistors that switch faster(or as fast as) with less voltage. Less voltage = less power consumption. Less power consumption = less heat.

The chips started out on 90nm process, and have worked their way down to 45/40nm. Power consumption has thus also greatly reduced, more than halved in PS3's case from the original machines to current slims. Soon CELL will be on 32nm for PS3, RSX eventually 28nm next year most likely. PS3 will be a sub 50 watt console then.

Wikkid6662738d ago

Technology always changes.... and becomes more efficient.

MicrocutsX22738d ago

Really good to hear... unfortunately I still have FAT Ps3 lol.