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Call of Duty Black Op's 'Annihilation' DLC Trailer

As we mentioned yesterday The DLC will feature four new maps; Hangar 18, Drive-In, Silo and Hazard. With a new Zombie Mode called Shangri-La. As usual you will get a double XP weekend starting on July 1st. It will be an Xbox exclusive at first, then PS3 and PC sometime in the future. (Call of Duty: Black Ops, PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

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S_C  +   1534d ago
The one thing i hated in the zombie map that was released in the first map pack them stupid fu*king monkey are back arghhhhh.
Der_Kommandant  +   1534d ago
2 words

Graphically Horrendous
lil Titan  +   1533d ago
i can understand if this game was going to be around for some time but they have another COD coming this fall.

♪This is how you milk the gamers, Milk the gamers, Milk the gamers, ♪This is how you milk the gamers because we know you'll pay!!!♪
Ravenor  +   1533d ago
Yeah, unless they integrate some kind of backwards compatibility. I don't understand how anyone can pay 15 dollars for 5 maps and be happy. Everyone by this point who purchases a CoD title should be aware that in a years time a new one will be out.
Commodore  +   1533d ago
"You can work with your teammates" hahahaha, funniest thing I've heard. Little kids playing Duty don't give a shit about teamwork. That's why I played the old Socom's. Now Zipper turned SOCOM into a COD wanna-be and it sucks too.
maverick1191  +   1533d ago
that zombie map looks awesome
RaptorGTA  +   1533d ago
zombie maps looks very interesting and cool...but...those darn monkeys...eh...they ruined Accession. Ill still pick it up regaurdless...wont i ever learn lol
ThrazN7  +   1533d ago
the new zombie map looks pretty rad. it has a shi no numa type feeling in it.
ninjagoat  +   1533d ago
fak that uncharted 3 beta ftw

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