Halo: CE Anniversary gets jetpacks, using Reach engine for 'new take' in multiplayer

343 decided to use the Halo: Reach engine for multiplayer maps in its HD remake of Combat Evolved as it allowed for "different ways to play the maps you love".

The internal Microsoft company has remained completely faithful to the original game's campaign in its re-creation, but has taken a few more liberties in multiplayer - including the introduction of Reach-style jetpacks.

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AngelicIceDiamond2709d ago

It would be epic if the multiplayer was like Halo 2 instead.

Blaze9292709d ago

would be epic if they just left the multiplayer alone as is but ofc, remastered. Reach was the worst Halo imo for a reason. Loose all that jet pack, armor abilities crap.

a_squirrel2709d ago

I agree. At first, I was getting excited for Halo 1 multiplayer. Now I see it's Halo Reach multiplayer, and by far, my least favourite.

AngelicIceDiamond2708d ago

Yeah leave it to Microsoft to screw everything up... like usual.

afterMoth2709d ago (Edited 2709d ago )

This is the worst remake of all time. Taking the Multiplayer (The only good part of Halo 1) and completely changing it.

What fans of the original want is the the original game with the original gameplay, physics and weapon balance. In short we want the original exactly as it is but prettier and with online via Live with dediated servers.

What we don't want is Halo Reach with the maps from the original.

PS360PCROCKS2709d ago

lame. I have reach, Halo is a totally different animal, i like how it plays and i want it to stick to that.

candystop2709d ago

Screw the jet packs and just give me a remake with much better visuals. I hated Reach and hope it has no influence on any future coming Halo games.

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Raven_Nomad2709d ago

This makes the most sense. They don't want to directly compete with the Reach crowd which is still very substantial. Considering the original Halo CE didn't have any online whatsoever, it's a added bonus on a budget titled game.

catguykyou2709d ago

Depends if you played PC or Xbox. I can still play Halo CE on my PC

afterMoth2709d ago

or xbox-connect using the system link feature to play online (16 players total from 4 xbox systems).

user28971562709d ago

"Microsoft company has remained completely faithful to the original game's campaign in its re-creation"

completely faithful to the original but they add jet packs and that nasty 640p grainy filter?


RedDead2709d ago

....Faithful to the jetpacks in Campaign...only multiplayer

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The story is too old to be commented.