How green is your video game console?

E Source, a leading energy research firm, made a comprehensive graphic comparing Nintendo, Microsoft and Sony in daily console energy use (if the system is 'active'). Find out who is the most 'green':

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tigertom532736d ago

the only thing id didn't show was ideal consumption and playing dvd which xbox 360 s is better at then ps3

rabidpancakeburglar2736d ago

Both of my video consoles are black :p

tplarkin72736d ago

This green nonsense has got to stop. We don't need less usage, we need more power!

Quagmire2736d ago

Thats kind of thinking is what got the world fucked up in the first place

jacksonmichael2736d ago

No, the kind of thinking you're thinking of is American patriotism.

meday3542736d ago

My PS3 is so green u would think i was a weed field, thats how green my console is!