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Dungeon Siege 3 is an Action-RPG game in which you have the option to play as one of four characters. Each character is very different from the other in terms of combat, abilities and equipment As you play and level up, you will get to purchase new abilities, proficiencies and talents. When you select an ability and it takes you to the proficiency screen, you will have two different ways to improve your new ability. Which ever way you choose to upgrade your ability will determine how that ability works on the battlefield.

When selecting your proficiencies and talents, make sure you know how you will play and what your new abilities and talents will do, as you won’t get the chance to master all the abilities by the end of the game. You will go through the game without even learning certain proficiencies and talents if you plan to max out the proficiencies and talents that you like. So, choose wisely when upgrading your character.

In Dungeon Siege 3, you choose the outcome of the story. As you go through the character dialog, points will come up in which you decide what to say next and what action you would like to take. Each action has it’s own consequence and will determine the outcome of the story.

I must also say that the game presents itself very nicely in every way; easy to learn, easy to navigate the menus and easy to play.

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Queefy_B2736d ago

Loved the first two on PC. This one randomly came out and was on the consoles so dunno how much the game is changed to accomodate that, will have to try the demo.

MidnytRain2736d ago

What are you talking about? Game development is a lengthy, discussed, and technical process. You don't "randomly" release a game.