LA Noire "Nicholson Electroplating" DLC trailer

TVGB: "Here's a peak at LA Noire's latest DLC, the Nicholson Electroplating Arson case. Look for it on Xbox Live and PSN starting next Tuesday, June 21st, for 320 MS points/£3.19."

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WhiteLightning2714d ago

Honestly wouldn't be surprized if this was another bit of the content that was cut because of the 360.

DannyCosker2714d ago

POsted 5 minutes before embargo and you didn't even attach the press release, like the backstory to the DLC and the image gallery from the L.A Fire Department from the case in 1947.

Poor show. Site looking for hits as opposed to providing all the info.

xPhearR3dx2714d ago

You posted a report 30min ago saying he broke the embargo yet the embargo lifted at 12pm EST which was 47 minutes ago.

DannyCosker2714d ago

This was posted before 12pm EST around an hour ago. He jumped the gun and didn't provide the readership with all the info.