If game developers quit the business and became shopkeepers instead

David Houghton, GamesRadar: So, EA has recently announced that it's going to roll out a small chain of EA Sports stores across the US. Not strictly a bad move, if a little unexpected. But it got us thinking. If this starts a trend of games publishers and developers setting up their own retail establishments, where is it going to end? What will they sell? What will their shops look like? How will their gaming legacies and company manifestos come through in the way they run things? So as is traditional, I threw together a few ideas and photoshopped them up until they made me laugh. So check them out over the jump. Just don't try to make the photo-SHOP pun, because I've already used it in the strapline.

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rabidpancakeburglar2738d ago

lol I loved Molyneux's innovation store and kotick's sweet shop.

DarkSymbiote2738d ago

To those who don't know, the Microsoft thingy is a reference to Kinect.