Xbox-exclusive characters for SFxT?

The PlayStation 3 and PS Vita versions of upcoming fighting game Street Fighter x Tekken feature infamous star Cole MacGrath as an exclusive playable character – but will the Xbox 360 version also get an exclusive character?

"That will depend entirely on Microsoft," Street Fighter producer Yoshinori Ono told Eurogamer.

"Sony called us up and wined and dined us," Ono said, jokingly, of Cole's inclusion in the game. "Just Starbucks, but I'm a big coffee fan so watching those beans get ground up really tugged at my heartstrings.

"Let me rewind, Microsoft just took me to Starbucks. Sony ground the beans for me. That's the difference.

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ksense2742d ago

Kratos fits into the mortal kombat universe for me but I am still not sure if Cole will in Street Fighter

Killzone3Helghast2742d ago

I agree.. specialy when they put Cole on roids o.O

DrFUD2742d ago

I totally see the cross over.
Cole shoots the electric while Ryu shoots whatever that Haduken energy is.

Peaceful_Jelly2742d ago

I agree, Kratos went well with the MK universe but Cole is so out of place that if I had an Xbox I wouldn't even buy the game for the PS3. Seriously.

Why o why2742d ago



same type for me, in fact i think cole fits more than cody, guy and the likes

Jinxstar2742d ago

That just sounds kinda.... Well You could complain just as much about Super Smash bros or Marvel vs Capcom 3 for putting weird off the wall players in it. Truth is though EVO and all other competitive games challenges use PS3 as the standard. Don't like Cole? Don't play him... It's all in the name of fun though. It makes me want to game that much more. What your saying is "I want the version with fewer characters because..." It makes you sound like an elitist fanboy if you are or aren't I don't really care. Not trying to insult you just pointing out why everyone is disagreeing with you...

It's like Forza or GT saying "Were gonna add the oscar meyer wiener truck to X version of the game(If they were multiplat that is)" and you saying "Thats dumb I wont even support that version and buy the opposite because I think extra stuff is bad".

Now if you only had one console and it was a character like joker in Batman AA I could understand the frustration. but this is a Sony character on a Sony console. If MS got Banjo in their version which would you buy then?

Baka-akaB2742d ago

I dont see the problem with cole here ... havent you people seen the like of C viper among other things ? She basically got the same electric powers along with fire .

And cole is some urbean wear dude , fitting with sf's era .

Of all crossover it's hardly the weirdest

NAGNEWS2742d ago

i thought kratos was immortal ;(

Focker4202742d ago

Have you happened to play GOW3?? He goes around killing every 'immortal' God.

NAGNEWS2742d ago

that was the god of war rules but in mortal combat someone has to die, so if i chose kratos that means winning right?

the fps style at the end was awesome!!

oricon2742d ago

I really wish they didn't put cole in, its a crossover between Tekken and Streetfighter there no point of him being in it, I'd rather have a SF or Tekken character because it will be pretty annoying if Cole got in and not some character from the 2 franchises you wanted to main.

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KonaBro2742d ago

Sounds like Microsoft tried to talk to him but Ono like the cut of Sony's jib better. Makes you wonder who Microsoft could use as an exclusive character anyway? Your own avatar?

DrFUD2742d ago (Edited 2742d ago )

That's the thing...
Microsoft doesn't really have games
They're just happy to be getting Street Fighter x Tekken and live on the 3rd party.
Maybe they can work out a deal with Capcom to use one of Capcom's own characters that only appears on 360 because they have nothing to offer except money

Why o why2742d ago (Edited 2742d ago )

elmo fits

angry elmo i mean... i hear he's bada55

to be fair i didnt think zelda fit into the soul calibur universe until i played with him. Maybe the 360 could have spawn like they did back then. He wasnt even an exclusive character

mcmmaster2742d ago ShowReplies(1)
phoenixdown2742d ago

just like mortal kombat 9 right microsoft?

mafiahajeri2742d ago

Cole fits perfectly no exclusive character on the 360 is good for any fighting game...

Ducky2742d ago

Skittles/Elmo vs Kuma/Gon?

GameSpawn2742d ago

Lol... Imagine Master Chief in Street Fighter or Mortal Kombat. He would be more of a joke character than anything else. Consequence of a console full of shooters I guess.

DeadpoolBub2742d ago

What would make Master Chief different from Chris in MvC3 or Stryker in MK? He'd be a keepaway character like the two I mentioned.

jetlian2742d ago

like cole is a fighter! infamous is a shooter. they could always use the fable guy

GameSpawn2741d ago

Master Chief isn't exactly known for his melee abilities. Also guns as long range attacks are kind of a cop out for a fighting game. Cole's electric powers are akin to any of Capcom's or King of Fighters' characters' special attacks. Just think of Master Chief throwing an electric ball and tell me you don't laugh at little at that mental picture. Chris and Resident Evil still have a heavy melee element so his character can work believably with all the other characters in MvC3. Stryker was already written into the MK mythos so his character would naturally fit.

Infamous is an Action Adventure Platformer. It's only a shooter if all you do is hang back throwing lighting bolts. Each person's play style will effect how much Infamous is or isn't a shooter. I see it mostly as a platformer due to the heavy amount of climbing and parkour.

jetlian2741d ago

its a shooter dude. its uncharted with open worlds! Sure you can climb or melee however it isn't a sound way to beat the game.

cole has a sniper mode for crying out loud

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