Bulletstorm Receives Staggering Price Hike

For some unknown reason, it appears as though Epic Games and People Can Fly’s Bulletstorm has been the recipient of a price hike. The PC version offered by Microsoft’s often maligned Games for Windows – LIVE service has seen a dramatic increase.

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user98412882742d ago

all microsoft games on PC seem to cost 60 dollars now. If it was up to them we would be paying 300 dollars a game like they make us do with their OS and soon with DLC included we all will. Thanks this gen gamers you made this possible ;)

suicidalblues2742d ago

My god what a stupid article. One place ups the price (more than likely an error) and it's news-worthy?

Do us all a favor and don't click the link. Force these websites to actually publish news to gets hits and not this worthless BS.

baraka0072742d ago

bulletstorm for the PC is 27.99$ free shipping on newegg. That's pretty cheap go buy it and don't click on the site like suicidalblues said.