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Ares842653d ago

They should just make a zombie game.

rustyspoon802653d ago

Yeah, IW should make the cod games, while Treyarch should make the zombie games.

Wikkid6662653d ago

Yes... they blew the name already on the dlc. Call of the Dead would have been a perfect title for a full blown game.

InFAMOUS12653d ago

month and a half between releases.. Pretty fast release. Can anyone confirm if it was the same for World at War?

Raven_Nomad2653d ago

WAW had 5 map packs I believe. Treyarch does a good job at supporting their games.

I know people hate the price points, but you play a COD game for a solid year, well at least most people do. I personally have ten days on Black Ops.

So I paid $60 for the game and $45 for map packs when it's all said and done. That's $105 but it's a game I will have played all year. By the time MW3 hits I might have close to 20 days on the game. I think it's a fair price when you look at it that way.

The two new map packs are well done and hopefully this one is too, 15 total new maps makes Black Ops feel like a whole new game honestly. You get a lot of content and the game feels fresh.

CodCom2653d ago

Good job supporting their games? Have you played World at War lately?

They do a good job supporting their current game.

Raven_Nomad2653d ago


They released 5 map packs for WaW. What more do you want? I don't usually go back and play the older games, so I wouldn't know what else they would have done for the game.

retrofly2653d ago

I've had enough of BO!

Hurry up MW3 & BF3!

Ares842653d ago

Let me edit this for you!

"I've had enough of COD!

Hurry up with BF3!"

Much better! :)

retrofly2653d ago

Its possible that MW3 will suck , but its possible BF3 will suck.

I've been fans of both series since COD1 & BF 1942, I'm not ready to give up on either now :)

Ducky2653d ago

I don't think MW3 or BF3 will solve your BO woes.
Some deodorant might do the trick though.

(Is that joke still funny?)

rickhunter892653d ago

i will not get mw3 cuz no zombies

RaptorGTA2653d ago

CotD was a challenging zombie map...I cant wait for this one...yes..I buy these stupid expansions just for the zombie really just needs to make a zombie game...

BX812653d ago

You should play the maps on the last map pack they are actually well balanced. Usually I only like to play the zombie maps but the last map pack was well done imo.

RaptorGTA2653d ago

Ill have to check em out. Ive messed around in Combat training while waiting for friends to get online..but havent played them with people.

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