Duking It Out On Twitter – How One Tweet Can Lose You a Gaming PR Account

From Strategy Informer: "We've all been there haven’t we? Long hours at the hands of unappreciative bosses, jibes from demanding co-workers, delays on the daily commute – it’s enough irritation to make even the best of us crack. One minute you’re happily answering emails, the next you’ve snapped, thrown a stapler at your manager's forehead and walked out the door with your novelty USB toy."

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Ares842711d ago

I would have not fired the group. He was right about what he said. Reviewers are garbage people and they are almost never right about any game because they always bring in their own bias and can't be professional about anything. Too many no name sites review games. My dog could review games if he would know how to "write" and it would pass as a professional review. There should be some kind of qualification to be a video game journalist but there isn't one. Anyone can be one and it shows.

Snoozer2822711d ago

Yeah, with standard journalism it used to the case that you'd have to be a good writer. In fact, it still is. No-one can really make it without considerable skill.

The same can't be said about gaming journalism though.

Ares842711d ago

In real journalism you can't make it without some proper writing skills. In gaming journalism, it doesn't matter. Anyone and everyone can claim to be a gaming journalist no matter what. It's sad really. Gaming journalism should be great but instead, it's the lowest form of journalism.