Jamestown: Legend of the Lost Colony Review (Gameplay Today)

GPT: "Ever imagine what a steam-punk Englishman would do to a Spanish and Martian alliance in historical America if they ever met on the field of battle? If yes, then Jamestown may be your kind of experience."

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ShyGuy132713d ago

Good to see someone covers these indie games.
Still, it's easy for such a title to get lost amongst a sea of genre clones and throwaways.

BeaRye2713d ago

Cave is the S***! You're right in that their games get lost, but I wouldn't call them indie. Only because they make some of the best shooters these days. I'd like this on PSN or XBLA.

Raichu502713d ago

Shmups are for twitchy people

GreasyBacon322711d ago

It actually is a better strategy to stay cool while playing these.

Why don't you play one before commenting?