Witcher 2 on Xbox 360 Preview and Interview (

GB: "With it still in a pre-alpha stage, it looked good regardless, with a release date towards the end of 2011. They made it very clear that they hell bent on getting this game out on the Xbox 360, looking the best it could without denying that they would never do a Playstation 3 version. The game will have a targeting system of course and the developers also mentioned that will not miss out if you have not played the first game or read the books if you Witcher 2. Witcher 2 also is the first game to use the new RED Engine making it a loading free game. As far as an expansion for both versions of the game, the developers were keen on hinting at a strong possibility of the game getting more content, but did not commit to a solid yes. If it does come though, they mentioned that they will want any DLC to free for both the console and PC version. Afterwards we had a short group Q&A session with the developers."

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