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Submitted by kharma45 1698d ago | interview

Anon: Sony attacks dropped, PSN users were “butthurt”

A VG247 interview has confirmed that Anonymous has dropped action against Sony, as well as branding PSN users “selfish” and “butthurt” over their anger at the service’s recent outage. (PS3, PSP)

Zir0  +   1698d ago
Thats good to hear but I don't think Anon is the problem anymore, its more that Lulzsec (of whatever they are called) who are attacking game companies who have done nothing.
Jamaicangmr  +   1698d ago
Don't understand why you got so many disagrees 16 to 4 agrees to be exact. Did i miss something are we now majority in support of these types of hackers? you didnt say anything in defense of a particular brand or anything that usually generates automatic disagrees.

I'm confused just wish atleast one of these cowards would man up and say what they disagree with. However this is n4g and logic rarely shows its face on this site.

@ Zir0
For the record i agree.
Rettom  +   1698d ago
I would usually man up, but I don't really disagree with anyone on a major thing, cuz I'm never given the chance ;)

But yeah, Anonymous is dead... (I hope)
sdtarm  +   1698d ago
the problem is not any determined group, the problem are the hackers
WhittO  +   1698d ago
Attacks have been "dropped"...more like failed.

I'm sure they tried everything they could think of to hack their way in/bring servers down again, glad they are the ones walking away "butt hurt".
Looks like the money Sony spent in re-fortifying PSN has paid off in terms of increased security.

Sony seem to be having some success at already catching some hackers related to Anon too lol, only a matter of time!

(Also, why exactly wouldn't we be angry at a bunch of D*CKHEADS hacking into a system to STEAL ALL OUR INFO & CREDIT CARD DETAILS and bring down the PSN - which millions use for over 3 WEEKS!?!?)
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b_one  +   1698d ago
Mainly, Media are problem - they wont stop writing about them... im thinking, they (lulzsec) need for cash is astronomical, those phone operations, equipment, servers etc cost money... attackin CIA FBI....balls of steel strange.
vitz3  +   1698d ago
I think it's stupid that some websites think they can "interview" Anonymous.

There is no central group, there is no "Spokesperson", there is no weekly f'ing meeting, there is no organization, there is no agreed upon press releases.

This article is utter crap. Anyone who believes Anon can be interviewed is mentally deficient.

For all we know this guy could have been reviewing his gimp, ordered him to read replies and simply changed his name to Anon.

O.O Oh wow, edgy!
Pacman321  +   1698d ago
Ironic that they'll be the ones who are "butthurt" once they end up in prison.
solidjun5  +   1698d ago | Well said
We're "butthurt" and selfish cause we wanted to play with our friends online? We're "butt hurt" cause we wanted to buy games over the network and enjoy whatever free time we have with friends and family (at least for me) who are miles away? Please, cry me a river.

For your cause, you ruin the enjoyment of millions (if it was you in the first place). What you guys did was selfish and now you're acting "butt-hurt" over it.
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thereapersson  +   1698d ago | Well said
It's just reverse-trolling / reverse-butthurt. They're projecting their frustration over the fact that life was normal and routine for millions of PSN users before all this bullsh!t started happening. The intervention of ANYONE was not only not necessary, but not warranted.
theIMP  +   1698d ago
LOL, reverse-butthurt. Thats funny.
nanometric  +   1698d ago
Yet o' so true. bubs up
M-A-R-S-H-A-L-L  +   1698d ago
Pretty much reaper. It's really pathetic how they're placing the blame on gamers. So much for fighting for the rights of gamers, lol.
Shadow Flare  +   1697d ago
Yeah, talking about anonymous being butthurt.....
rabidpancakeburglar  +   1698d ago
Don't forget, they also said not long before PSN was hacked that they wouldn't go after PSN. The butthurtitude is completely justified.
DAS692  +   1698d ago
Well said buddy.
THC CELL  +   1698d ago
Why dont they come forward and we will show them how we really feel, and its fucking them who was butt hurt. Dont thank them for fuck all they are shit heads who should be jailed for attacking the gaming world.
LightofDarkness  +   1698d ago | Well said
Can we all stop saying butthurt? It's asinine.
earbus  +   1698d ago
Ha ha classic,and you believe them go hackers,lol reaper reverse butt hurt lmao block and counter.
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MrDead  +   1698d ago
What is this word "butthurt" why are people so interested in other peoples anuses? Its like reading the ramblings of some 12 year old.
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Piperatdawn  +   1698d ago
Probably 'cos they are lol boy genius's.. keyboard in 1 hand and a burger in the other no doubt..tbh they are bright people,why dont they actually get proper jobs for sony,microsoft etc they could earn some real money,instead of annoying us lot..oh ye i heard on uk radio they now hacked CIA same group,Anonymous...they really do need a life,why dont they try supporting their local pub!
Biggest  +   1698d ago
For the record: Butt and anus are not the same thing.
taylork37  +   1698d ago
Man the creditability of all these bullshit sites is laughable. Anything posted on N4G is gospel.

All this bullshit does is get hits and you guys eat it up.

"HEY!?!?! they called us PS3 gamers butthurt and selfish....lets go to the website and read the whole article, and then get really super pissed about it"

Butthurt is a trigger word for every fanboy.
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EliteDave93  +   1698d ago
Fishy Fingers  +   1698d ago
Quite a good little interview, the member of Anon is well spoken and obviously believes in what they're doing is right (the majority of Anon anyway). Dont get caught up in the headline, try reading it.
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MrDead  +   1698d ago
Attacking Sony, or supporting the attacks isnt a very good way of spreading a message. All they have done is anger millions of happy users to please a fraction of Sonys customer base. Also using childish name calling "butthurt" and "selfish" just shows the level these people operate on. They also so on to say " But, for every Anon they arrest, ten more will step in to their place. They are fighting a war against an idealogy, and just by mentioning our name their increase our numbers. We garner support from those who become disgruntled by the actions of someone we oppose. Anonymous is the manifestation of an idea, and ideas are bulletproof".....? Grow the hell up, if all problems where solved the anonymous way we would all be smoldering ashes.

Any message these people had has been lost in their stupid close minded actions.
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darkpower  +   1697d ago
So, suddenly using certain terminology that was okay to use before isn't anymore?

Also, you fail to see the point. Anon did condemn lulsecs' actions.

If you paid attention, too, they mentioned something that is the cause of so many problems with gaming issues today: the failure of people acting like adults over anything, and overreacting over EVERYTHING!

Not to mention that we link two groups together and say that one groups actions were done by the other as if they were one complete group when they don't have anything to do with each other. Remember when Bush said that Saddam had something to do with 9/11, yet Saddam hated al Quedia, too, and that Bush lied about things to us because he knew that it would garner support from the people stupid enough to take him at face value? Yeah, similar issue here!
MrDead  +   1697d ago
Yes they did condemn lulsecs' actions but only to save face and to try and repair their tarnished name. Anonymous members have been arrested over the Sony attacks.

My point is that there are better ways to spread the message and if consumers had cared for their cause then we would have supported them, but we didn't we understood that cracking the PS3 was wrong and against the licence agreement that we had accepted, Sony took measures to protect their system.

The attack from Anonymous was in response to Sonys actions "Sony were removing true ownership of the console, as well as prosecuting hackers"

lulsecs had nothing to do with my comment, I was responding to the actions and attacks (which they say have now ceased) of Anonymous.
voodoochild346  +   1697d ago
@darkpower except Tim Osman(osama bin laden) set up al qaeda with the help of the cia so i doubt bush or the dictator america put in power(sadam hussein) "hated" anything.
gamingdroid  +   1698d ago
@Fishy Fingers
I kind of agree with you. People get upset, but reality is that this has been going on for a long time, it just never hit the consumer as directly.

What do you think happens when unions sit in? ... or when there is picketing outside businesses?

Same darn thing, we moved into the digital age so it is going to affect people that are used to instant gratification and they will whine the loudest.

If you ever had to really fight for your right i.e. lived in China (or other countries) you would really appreciate all the automatic rights that are given to you than to the people that fought for those right before you.

I know this isn't popular opinion here so....
dionnysus  +   1698d ago
agreed, but it is a bit of stretch to compare basic human rights to life to that of consumers' rights
user8397144  +   1698d ago
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Bonobo12345  +   1698d ago
Anon has no individuals, it's just hive mind. An interview with one 'anon' means nothing, any sad little geek can be anon instantly, and give an interview like this..
It wasn't even anon that hacked PSN!
vitz3  +   1698d ago
Exactly. Bub'd.

One does not speak for all, nor does all speak for one.

It's just a generic name any kid eating Cheetos in grandma's basement can use. People really don't get it.
TheComedian  +   1698d ago
Hmmm let's consider a few facts here. In the interview it states that the attack was made in order to protect "our" rights because SONY was trying to remove ownership of the console. I am a gamer so let's follow this logic. I am still able to play games,watch movies,listen to my favorite music,customize the environment of my PS3 and do whatever the hell a gamer wants to do with his console. Then the all so valiant Anonymous comes into the picture to protect my rights (though up to this day I am not sure how were they under danger to begin with) and what happens? Their actions effectively cut out a major part of my console usage...the online factor. So Anonymous allow me to spell it out for you. Most gamers didn't want you to fight for their rights because their rights were not in danger. The removal of "Other OS" was not an act of right deprivation(since most gamers didn't use the damn thing) and it was only removed by the acts of pirates. Gamers were the same before and after the removal. All in all you were not fighting for our rights so get off your moral high horse. You were fighting for the "rights" of pirates and hackers and your actions limited my entertainment for three weeks. It was not SONY removing my rights it was you so you bet your sweet faceless butt that I and millions of gamers are pissed off over that.
Rettom  +   1698d ago
Well freakin said dude... you summed it all up :)
evrfighter  +   1698d ago
You got trolled by some kid pretending to be anon...

TheBlind   1698d ago | Spam
X4life   1698d ago | Spam
zero_cool  +   1698d ago
Let the rock tell anon if it matters what they say or think or want ect...
NarooN  +   1698d ago
The only ones butthurt are Anon, pissed because Lulzsec is stealing all their thunder.
KonaBro  +   1698d ago
Anonymous is angry....
because they thought their campaign for justice and truth would go over well with us. Not only did it backfire in their faces, they were labeled as cyber-terrorists (which they are) and lambasted by those they thought their misguided attempts were fighting for. If anyone is "butt-hurt," it is them for undertaking such stupidity in the first place.
dragon_rocks  +   1698d ago
More like they got scared because of the hacker arrests all over the world.
Donnywho  +   1698d ago
Most of the people in anon are powerless. Waiting for the brains to unlock more secrets for them. Now everyone hates them for things they weren't even capable of doing. It's LoL to the fullest.
frostypants  +   1698d ago
Anon is butthurt that their ill-advised Sony action destroyed every shred of popular support they had garnered in their WikiLeaks efforts. They went from defenders of truth to being seen as common script kiddie punks. They have no one but themselves to blame.
#20 (Edited 1698d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
davidmccue  +   1698d ago
How does not being allowed to hack a console end up being against gamers rights, if consoles were allowed to be hacked this would completely ruin online games and the gamers would be the ones to suffer. If they want full control in the workings of games just get a PC.
KillerPwned  +   1698d ago
My butt does not hurt!!! How dare these boys make false accusations maybe they are butt hurt and are trying to cover it up with......PREPARATION H!!!
zero_gamer  +   1698d ago
At least we have pillows to sit on when we're butthurt.
SkittlesLikesPopcorn  +   1698d ago
we are selfish because we want to use a product we paid for?

Here is some news anon You can f yourselves. You the selfish ones thinking anyones gives a damn about your ideology and for making ps3 owners pay for it. Not to mention it was your damn fault otherOS got removed anyway.

GTFO cunts if i meet one of you alive, ill beat your ass so bad, you'll be the only ones in heaven with a wheel chair.
#24 (Edited 1698d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
Holeran  +   1698d ago
And now some of Anon is going to be butthurt, right after they drop the soap.
getupahh  +   1698d ago
" We didn’t want to piss off the consumers as they were the ones whose rights we were campaigning for."

So.... By protecting our rights, they took them away.

I, as a gamer, do not want their help.

Help your selves. Just don't hinder me.
Lord_Sloth  +   1698d ago
So it's considered being "butt-hurt" to get angry about them killing our online gaming for a month? It's not rational to be angry about some1 attacking my hobby?
Chevalier  +   1698d ago
"their actions were selfish as they cared more about immediate pleasure receival than they did about their rights as a consumer (and the rights of the hacker"

Wow, you've gotta be kidding me. Seriously does anyone actually believe the crap coming out of their mouths? Next we should talk about how people should have the right to murder people and how it should be okay. So to protect our rights and doing the right thing according to them is by taking over our right to free speech? These guys just assume they speak for everyone out there right now? This little group of idiots speak for all 50 million PS3 system owners? That's your idea of helping us?!

Anon if you want me to believe in what you're saying then why don't you reform and do something useful for society? How about going to help people who actually don't have freedom? Where woman need help, people are starving, hurting and stuck where they're at; they need a voice and more help than anyone how about you guys go help your fellow man first instead of wasting your time on 'lost freedom'.
th3_d3an  +   1698d ago
speaking of butthurt have fun in prison jackoffs

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