Sony: PS Vita matching PS3 product pipeline

Sony has told CVG that the number of titles being created for PlayStation Vita roughly matches PS3's production pipeline - a step change in focus since the PSP days.

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miyamoto2739d ago (Edited 2739d ago )

Like I said before the Vita will be a more balanced gaming device due to the machine's gaming control options & other functionality.

Vita's Selling Points:
1) Being a pocket sized portable device and

2)an all-in-one Swiss army knife like device of miniaturized high technology, it has the value proposition that appeals to children 5 and up as well as 30+ year old nerdy tech geeks who either live on shooters and rpgs alike. I am also talking about teenage girls who constituted 40% of the PSP market.

3)All these made accessible by a $250 price tag is too compelling to resist.

4) The 80+ games in development It will have a wide spectrum of games from ultra casual to ultra hardcore games simply because it is capable of them.
PlayStation Suite games
Cross Platform PlayStation Certified Android games games that run on the PS3, Android devices and PC

5) WiFi & 3G strike anywhere connected on-line game experience where ever you go!

6) Google's search & web browser to keep up to date with N4G and Gamefaqs

7) Multi-media capabilities like YouTube, mp3 & video player

Uncharted Golden abyss
Gravity Daze
Dragon's Crown
Street Fighter X Tekken
Monster Hunter 3rd
MGS HD Collection
Zone of Enders HD
My PS One PSP and PSN games

Vita is poised to be a real keeper!

Just_The_Truth2739d ago

you got it! except it's not really pocket sized but the PSV's looking amazing and that's just launch imagine a year or two down the road. I've never been so excited for a launch the one thing that i'd like to see is Sony incorporating Live Area into the ps3 and allowing you to swap between the old and mature XMB and the fresh and young Live Area because it really does feel isolated. I'd like to see you pshome avatar incorporated like MS and Nintendo aswell.