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PushSquare: "Duke Nukem Forever is a relic. The game feels caught between two opposing design sensibilities, never fully encompassing a throw-back feel because of its modern concessions. There's the glint of a good idea in some of Forever's periphery activities, and the whole campaign is punctuated by some pretty impressive set-pieces -- but Duke Nukem Forever is perhaps best experienced as a curiosity because, while fun in places, the game does little to live up to the fifteen years worth of hype."

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Ares842712d ago

I cannot believe that this game is actually that bad. I will buy it probably next week and decide for myself. If for nothing else than I will enjoy this for the nostalgia.

SantistaUSA2712d ago

It is really bad! I'm playing on PC and it's painful to see one of my favorite video game character in a such awful game. Wait until is cheaper (I regret spending my money on it), I'm sure with such low scores they will lower the price soon. so far I give this game 6/10 but only played for couple of hours, so not my final score, but its not looking too good :(

Army_of_Darkness2712d ago

I quite sure that most if not all duke nukem games get bad review scores, but i still enjoy them for some reason!? Lol! I guess they're just entertaining for the most part.

Pozzle2711d ago

Admittedly, Duke has appeared in some pretty shitty games in the past. Land of the Babes, anyone?

Giru0172712d ago

Feels funny to say this but I guess Duke Nukem Forever could have spent some more time in development xDDD

Wagz222712d ago

Its really not bad at all. I've been playing for hours and its fun and funny which is what Duke is supposed to be, I'm not sure what people are talking about.