RPG Characters are Mentally Unstable

"I have played a lot of RPGs in my lifetime. They’ve always been one of my favorite genres filled with story and action and heroes that are able to overcome the odds at any cost. I guess I just sort of went with it, and never actually thought about these characters. Upon further investigation, to be the hero in an RPG, you have to be absolutely mad! That’s right, only the most unstable of minds are fit to save the world apparently. Here are just a few points to back up my accusation."

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RoboSpiff2470d ago

good old Chocobo sex...

Moduserous2469d ago (Edited 2469d ago )

"There are two choices to save the world. Herp? Derp?" LMAO! You get an approval sir.

RoboRyan2469d ago

I can't believe I went years without realizing how insensitive doing a dance near the corpse of a fallen enemy is.

RoboSpiff2467d ago

Yeah, I never noticed till now too. It's so messed up!

Moduserous2468d ago

The song was terrible but that is pretty freakin' hilarious. If I ever commit manslaughter with my car I'll be sure to get out of the vehicle and do a little dance on someone's crumpled corpse.