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GR-UK: "You're charged to dive in, wipe the network clean of the virus like a Norton version of Mr.Muscle...the net may be vast and infinite, but it's still 'Save the Princess' time."

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B1663r2735d ago

Shame on you microsoft! This game was a day one buy for me when it was gonna be an xbla title. I would have happily payed 1600 msp for it. But wow, you are gonna put it on the retail shelf for $40??? Fourty bucks for a 2 hour game?

callahan092735d ago (Edited 2735d ago )

Blame Ubisoft. I agree that this game is overrated and overpriced. I played Rez when it first came out on DREAMCAST. And this game is essentially the same game with a new coat of paint. I'm worn on the formula. But that's just my opinion. What's important is that if you are disappointed, blame the right party, and in this case it's Ubisoft, not Microsoft. And it cost $50, not $40, so it's worse than you say.

EVILDEAD3602735d ago

LMFAO @ this failed troll attempt..

It's a Ubisoft game that debuted at last year's E3 on the (wait for it) Ubisoft stage usibg Kinect and it NEVER was advertised as some XBLA game.

But since trolls will lie steal and cheat to get their point across..this guy is pretending that this game was on his radar as a 'day one buy'. LMFAO..

On are great acros the board and for me 'Eden' has been a must buy day one game since it was revealed.

I booted it up yesterday..and's exactly what I could have ask for..I only played some of the first level but it is a fantastic experience so far..I hope this is the start of something big..because it feels like it