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Submitted by shades72 1626d ago | news

Duke Nukem Forever gets a rare 0/10 on Metacritic

The Duke gets a rare award on as a 0/10 review score is posted there. (Duke Nukem Forever, PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

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shades72  +   1626d ago | Well said
C'mon, it's bad but not 0/10 bad. How can they allow such nonsense?
MaggieA  +   1626d ago
That's really not fair of 1Up. I've played DNF and it's far from a 0/10 game.
DrFUD  +   1626d ago
1UP can only look past a bunch of flaws in a game and give it a great score when that game is Gears of War
nix  +   1626d ago | Helpful
here's that 1UP Gears review.
Jezuz  +   1626d ago
DrFUD, LOL. I don't even
WildArmed  +   1626d ago
Apparently the goal is to generate hits as much as possible w/ review scores now.
It might be a 7/10 or a 5/10 but i'll give a 0/10 so i can be special...
Retarded special, maybe.

Ugh, I've played plenty worse games than DNF.
0/10 should be reserved for broken unplayable games.. What are the standards of reviewers these days?
SilentNegotiator  +   1626d ago
Well, as anyone with a working mouse, I clicked the article, the link, and the review link.

First of all, 1UP's score isn't a 0/100. It is an 'F'
Metacritic often gives scores 'based' on what a review says. It's the reason Uncharted 1 fell short of a 90/100....because they decided that a B- was equivalent to a 67. Yeah. (They've since added some more unknown sites that gave it lower scores, and it is now an 88/ signs of bias from metacritic here..../s)

Second of all, it's not like Duke Nukem doesn't deserve a low score. The metascore is BELOW 50. In a generation when reviewers almost never deviate from a 6-10 review scale, this is REALLY low. You can be like so many on this site and say "LALALALA I can't hear you! I'm going to go spend $60 and find out for myself" or be in denial and claim "This proves that DNF is successful! COD players can't handle it!"
But the reality is that most of the 'humor' falls flat, the level design is awful and outdated, and the gameplay isn't anything special by any measures.
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Sony360  +   1626d ago

Finally, someone who actually READ THE ARTICLE BEFORE POSTING.
ThanatosDMC  +   1625d ago
^Wow! An A+ after all those problems?!
BulletToothtony  +   1625d ago
If you played the original in 96 this game has a special place in your heart. I'm enjoying it LOTS,
but if you are new to TRUE gaming you have NO idea why this game is awesome.

Yes it ain't no 10/10 but due to all the funny remarks and awesome sense of humor I give it a nice 8/10.

Still I had to play this on pc to remind me of how it used to feel. Definitely worth a rent if you played Duke 3D.
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IaMs12  +   1625d ago
Haha oh i think its actually pretty hilarious. Its not a 0 but its just funny.
ZombieNinjaPanda  +   1625d ago
1Up are a bunch of retards. A zero out of ten means that the game is virtually unplayable. Hell, half the games that are virtually unplayable now adays still score in the 7s and 8s.


Also the link won't load for me...
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SilentNegotiator  +   1625d ago
"That's really not fair of 1Up. I've played DNF and it's far from a 0/10 game"
"1Up are a bunch of retards. A zero out of ten means that the game is virtually unplayable"
"it might be a 7/10 or a 5/10 but i'll give a 0/10 so i can be special...Retarded special, maybe"
"i see the game has issues but its not a 0/10"
"Big surprise. the entire gaming journalists are unprofessional. Especially the high profile ones because they think they can get away with it"
The die hard Duke fans obviously didn't read the review, but instead started ranting here. It's an 'F', not a 0 given by 1up. And what's with the pathetically liberal use of the word "Retard" from you guys? Are you really THAT angry over a review that exposes Duke Nukem for it being stuck in the past, flat humor (the staple of Duke Nukem), ruining the best parts of the last installment, boring physics puzzles, ugly graphics, etc?

"The 0/10 is a prime example of why the 2K PR was spot on IMO"
No. The metacritic conversion doesn't show that "the 2K PR was spot on". The average score is still 50-, and this review still gives an 'F' (like most of them).
seinfan  +   1625d ago
I think everyone here should know that 1up goes with a letter system to review games. They did not give this game a 0/10. An F can be any low score.
joydestroy  +   1625d ago
lol i just think that score is funny dude
Oner  +   1625d ago
I posted this like over a year ago right here on N4G ~

It's all right here on their "About" Page ~

Q: So, how do you compute METASCORES anyway?

A: To put it simply, a METASCORE is a weighted average of reviews from national critics and publications for a given movie, book, TV show, videogame, or album
<End Quote>

Along with confirmation that they do not...scratch that WILL NOT release how they weigh each site ~

Q: Can you tell me how each of the different critics are weighted in your formula?

A: Absolutely not.
<End Quote>

The real questionable area is where they choose/decide what a verbal review without a numerical score gets! So if you read a review and it sounds like a 90+ they can give it an 80 because that is their decision on what to score it as! That is without a doubt some of the stupidest BS I have ever read...

Also their numerical score calculations of 4 star & A+ thru F are wrong because an "F" does not equal a Zero. An F on an educational level (where these letter grade denominations actually come from) usually equals anything between a 55 AND 0 so to unequivocally say an F = 0 is by definition false.

Especially when you look at how a B-, C+ & C translate to 67, 58 & 50 the "F" (to make a pun) is something that is a 67 a B-?!?! That makes absolutely NO SENSE! It is inherently flawed and on top of that they fudge the numbers to whatever THEY choose which CANNOT be confirmed by ANY means!

Lastly they have a consistent provable record of putting multiplatform PS3 & 360 combined review scores that are low ONLY on the PS3 side and the high ones ONLY on the 360 side when the review is CLEARLY a combined review for both versions!

The information is clearly in the open and right there for anyone to see/verify for themselves but it's a dirty little secret that somehow doesn't get media attention...makes you wonder huh?
YodaCracker  +   1625d ago
@Oner: "Lastly they have a consistent provable record of putting multiplatform PS3 & 360 combined review scores that are low ONLY on the PS3 side and the high ones ONLY on the 360 side when the review is CLEARLY a combined review for both versions!"

Absolutely ridiculous! Prove it. If the game is reviewed on the PS3, they put the score only under the PS3 version. If the game is reviewed on the 360, they put the score only under the 360 version. If the game is reviewed on both platforms, they put the score under both versions. Enough with this "everyone's biased against the PS3" nonsense. It's pathetic!

A lot of multiplatform games actually have a 1 or 2 point higher Metascore for the PS3 simply because the PS3 versions of multiplatform games almost always get less reviews than the 360 versions.
ChrisW  +   1625d ago
Maybe it's an "F" out of A-Z?
ChrisW  +   1625d ago
I take it 1UP is in serious need of hits lately...
xVeZx  +   1625d ago
@nix omg thats hilarious...that guy should be fired immediately
Oner  +   1625d ago
@ YodaCracker ~ Sure...NO PROBLEM

Jim Sterling (of all people) did a review for FF13 and gave it a 4. But on Metacritic it is ONLY put on the PS3 side

PS3 FF13 Meta ~ <-- Sterling's Destructoid review is here

360 FF13 Meta ~ <-- Sterling's Destructoid review is NOT here

And before you go "b,bu,buh,but teh are some on teh 360 side and not on the PS3 side" would be correct BUT the difference is that MORE of the lower scores are on the PS3 side of which belong on BOTH sides.

Metacritic SPECIFICALLY chooses which review goes where to "even the score" (so to say), because there are 83 reviews for the PS3 version while only 54 for the 360 side in an attempt to raise the score for the 360 version.

PLUS how is it that FF13 was CONFIRMED to be better on the PS3 and WORSE on the 360 but yet it has almost the same Metacritic score!?!? BULL$#@! plain and simple no matter how you try to spin it.

Why/How is this? (those of us who might ask of which have better common sense)

Simple...It's PROBABLY because Viacom is the parent company of Metacritic (also MTV, CNET, Gamespot & other media outletts) and guess who has a 5 year deal with Viacom?


Source Proof ~ http://blog.seattlepi.nwsou...

So there you go. PROVEN. Now STFU as you've been proven WRONG (again) and put in your place (as usual).

What I really find funny is how you fail to mention ANYTHING else of what I talked about...because it is also TRUTHFUL (of which you cannot deny), so you try to brush it off to the side and not talk about it at all.

Talk about TRULY pathetic! LMFAO
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Blitz001  +   1626d ago
Yes,this is like a chain reaction and it is getting really hilarious!!
ASTAROTH  +   1625d ago
Well. . . I work as a teacher and in my work a grade like an F means something between 0 - 59. I dont know how Metacritic came to a conclusion that its a 0 but these guys have no idea when to asign a score that its not based on the 0- 10 scale. Just my opinion.
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ilikegam3s  +   1626d ago
ooooo now that is harsh. :/
paintsville  +   1626d ago
Yeah I'm not sur ethat I ever saw a game get a 0 score before.
rabidpancakeburglar  +   1626d ago
There is something weird going on with the reviews for this game if a website has the balls to give it a 0/10.
cochise313  +   1625d ago
Not even quantum theory or rouge warrior got a zero, and those were far far worse.
davidmccue  +   1626d ago
Dont you mean 0/100 not 0/10 thats what metacritic base they review scores out of. Well at least it looks like Duke Nukem is making video game history again, this time for all the bad reasons.
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LastDance  +   1626d ago
wouldn't 0/100 mean it doesn't have a score?
DrFUD  +   1626d ago | Well said
The 0/10 is a prime example of why the 2K PR was spot on IMO.
AdrianHD  +   1626d ago
Exactly. This was the difference between "venomous" and "negative."
Christopher  +   1626d ago
Yeah, this is an absolute misuse of one's review power here. There's no way you can give any game a score of 0 out of 100. That would require that no game exists that could be played at all. I could totally understand if they gave it a 1/100 at the least, being the worst game ever reviewed, but even then I find it extremely hard to believe that DNF is worse than Superman 64.
nnotdead  +   1625d ago
1up didn't give it a 0/10. they gave the game a F, or a 1/5. metacritic changed that into a 0/100. Just like they gave Brink a D (2/5) but meta has it listed at 25.
heroicjanitor  +   1626d ago
Everyone is giving it bad scores so this score was trying to stand out rather than being an actual review.
JasonPC360PS3Wii  +   1626d ago
LOL This game is the biggest flop that LOL everyone will play once.
iNFAMOUZ1  +   1625d ago
your the biggest flop to be brought upon earth.
showtimefolks  +   1625d ago
look after reading almost every review which is out
i see the game has issues but its not a 0/10


bad frame rates
online has lag issues
too much driving
too much platforming
in the end under water missions bad
too little shooting
it just doesn't look good graphics wise
Short levels separated by long loading screens
Fails to be shocking, sexy, or funny


game has fun shooting and weapons
story is about 15-20hrs long
one liners are still good
It's fun to shrink enemies and stomp on them

a lot of things in cons can be patched if gearbox is really up to it and prove they are not gonna give up on this game.

I will buy it down the road if there is a patch and even if there isn't one i will still buy it new to support gearbox even if i buy it for $10

i think this game without the patches is 5/10 to 6/10

I will keep my copy just because its just gaming history lol

Also those movie games like beowulf that were actually broken got like 4-5 out of 10 so DNF deserve atleast that much in my opinion
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Bathyj  +   1625d ago
I'm all for supporting good devs and all, but every now and then, even the best need to be smacked on the nose with a rolled up newspaper and told, NO, NO!!
avengers1978  +   1625d ago
Is everyone defending DNF (surely the worst game to come out in a long time) the people that wasted there money on it, and are now trying to make themselves feel like they didn't waste it...
Buying a game right now, do yourself a favor pick up L.A noire or Infamous 2, both are fantastic.
InFamous 2 for sure.
Protag22  +   1625d ago
They didn't waste it - anybody who bought Homefront or Brink? They wasted their money.
Domer25  +   1625d ago
Totally absurd.....
Adam2101  +   1625d ago
its very bad and i dropped the game after the chip fight, but a 0/10 isnt logic, 3 graphics 3 story 2 gameplay 2 presentation 5 for duke so the game might get a 2.5 lol but not 0
n4f  +   1625d ago
its technically impossible for a game to have 0
morkendo23  +   1625d ago
0???? YIKES it bad but daaum not that bad.
snipes101  +   1625d ago
Well if we all refer to the grading scale that we had in elementary school (though some of your responses would indicate your scholastic careers didn't last long enough for you to reach that level of education) an F is below a 60% (at least that's what it was at my school).

This "F" can be anything from a 59% to a 0% and after reading the review I'm pretty sure it didn't fall into the 0 category.
likedamaster  +   1625d ago
They were simply trying to 1up Destructoid. See what I did there?
ChrisW  +   1625d ago
100+ Postive reviews on the Metacritic's PC User Score will tell you what kind of gamer likes DNF!!!
lelo2play  +   1625d ago
It seems DNF is selling pretty well.
LOL... People are buying it to see if it's that bad.

As for the game, I haven't played it yet, but no playable game deserves a 0. A game with a 0, isn't a game, it's unplayable, doesn't even start.
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The Meerkat   1626d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(6)
Nate-Dog  +   1626d ago
Just looking for hits. Move along nothing to see here...
DeFFeR  +   1625d ago
The problem isn't 1UP - it's the translation of the score 1UP gave to Metacritic score.

1UP gave the game an F, but Metacritic takes an "F" and makes it a 0.

I'm not defending 1UP here, but you guys are ridic if you don't even understand why something happened.

Metacritic needs to change their scoring algorithms when sites use letter system... F =/= 0.
Prcko  +   1626d ago
game really sucks.
well deserved score imo
unknownhero1123  +   1626d ago
it's a mediocore game but it doesn't suck. this game is a 7/10 at minimum. the only bad thing about this game is the load times, the linear leveles, and the slight frame rate dip. Other than those negative points, it's still a duke game. it has Duke's non PC humor, secrets in the form of ego boosts(pinball, magazines, etc.), and all the alien ass kicking you can handle. Duke nukem forever isn't a peice of art like other games set out to be but that's not the point of the game.
Mmmkay  +   1626d ago
how can a mediocre game be 7/10 at minimum ?
7/10 is a great game.
mediocre is more like 4-6 ....
bennyace  +   1626d ago
A mediocre game a 7/10?!?!? How would you rate an excellent game???

No wander when a good game doesn't score a 9/10 all hell breaks loose!

TBH they should've left it on the shelves instead of putting THIS game out! I rented it, played it for maybe an hour, and I've had enough!
#4.1.2 (Edited 1626d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(1) | Report
digitaleraser  +   1626d ago
@Mmmkay: 7/10 is a mediocre game. The why is explained here:
unknownhero1123  +   1625d ago
okay, mediocore was the wrong word(it was a late night). it was above average but it could have been better.
CrazyRap  +   1626d ago
A pure zero :D
EliteDave93  +   1626d ago
CaptainMarvelQ8  +   1626d ago
i think any game deserves at least a point for being a game that you can actually play

in this case,i think this game deserves the zero
#7 (Edited 1626d ago ) | Agree(6) | Disagree(19) | Report | Reply
TheLastGuardian2010  +   1626d ago | Well said
No game deserves a zero. X-Play (when they were good) had a rule about give 0's. They said they would NEVER give a 0 because they know actual people dedicated actual TIME to work on it. Same with DNF. No matter how much you like it, or hate it, fathers, mothers, sisters, brothers, they all took time and poured alot of there energy into this title.

For shame.
darkpower  +   1626d ago
Okay, so here's the deal:

1. DNF was developed for nearly a decade amidst delay after delay before 3D Realms folded.
2. Gearbox (who I only remember for their Half Life expansions and that Borderlands game - hope to GOD I got the name of that right) picks it up, doesn't take anymore than about a year (if that) to "polish" it.
3. The "polish" comes out, and we seen arcane mechanics that should NEVER be in a Duke game (the weapon limitations, for one). Gearbox said that it was an intended feature (why?).

So, after a decade of waiting for something, we get...THAT?! I'm sorry, but what the hell was 3D Realms DOING all that time (blaming them because Gearbox didn't exactly do a whole lot more with it, though I blame Gearbox for the mechanics).

So...if there's one game that deserves the 0, it's this one from what I've heard and seen alone.
RavageX  +   1626d ago
The game wasn't being developed for all those years, it was sitting.

There's a difference.
Soldierone  +   1626d ago
They didn't "pour a lot of energy" into this Duke Nukem. Im not saying it completely sucks or anything, but the quality shows the outcome. Its Duke Nukem. They had the option of either 1 going all out, making a badass game that still got bashed by major media outlets, but kept the fans happy. 2 Pushing out a quick product with Dukes name on it, make a quick buck, and possibly work on a real Duke Nukem for the future.

They even went as far to delay it to help keep the joke going. Its nothing but a money grab.

Point of this story? If a game deserves a 0, it deserves a zero. The only time you should feel bad is if its an indie game or it truly does suck and the devs were being serious about trying hard. You can tell by how they represent it and push it themselves.
darkpower  +   1625d ago
I just want to say...MY GOD, SOMEONE got pissed off about my comment, did they? 21 disagrees?

Seriously, what did I say in that that deserved that?
playboi28  +   1625d ago

People obviously disagree with your comment about DNF deserving a 0.
mrdotcom1  +   1626d ago
I have not finished this game but I do not agree with any of the reviews so far. It seems that is en vogue to hate Duke Nukem right now. I feel bad for the developers.
Ron_Danger  +   1625d ago
I gotta agree with you... I'm playing on PS3 and I'm at the hoover dam level and I haven't run across any parts of the game that i haven't liked... I agree the the graphics are dated, but wheres the "graphics don't matter" argument that is used for games like CoD:BO... I guess a FPS where you have to use ur brain to get from point "A" to "B" is a bit much for people... And for the 90% of people on this site who haven't played the full game but still feel like they have an oppinion (the demo doesn't count cause it shows nothing of the full game), go rent the game before posting ur comments... There are puzzles to solve in this game... They aren't on the level of say Portal 1 or 2 (speaking of there are a few Portal/ Valve references that are clever in the game), but DNF's target demo isn't exactly mensa members...
Revvin  +   1626d ago
This is why Metacritic just doesn't work and when sites hand out poor scores like that it undermines the honest games journalists out there. Duke Nukem Forever is by no means a classic and will probably be consigned to the bargain bins pretty quickly but it's s slice of gaming history that harks back to a simpler time for FPS gaming. It's cheesy, it's not that good looking, the levels don't exactly inspire but it's playable and will entertain you. Maybe not as much as the blockbusters like modern warfare but it's worth more than a 0/10.
CNXN  +   1626d ago
the duke doesnt deserve that, his vulgar humor and decent boss fights merit atleast a 4-6
godsinhisheaven  +   1626d ago | Well said
Well that's just unprofessional.
buckley  +   1626d ago
Confused as to why you got disagrees. It is horribly unprofessional, and is hosted on a "reputable" website. It's a shining example of how not to write a review.
undercovrr  +   1626d ago
Big surprise. the entire gaming journalists are unprofessional. Especially the high profile ones because they think they can get away with it
_Empath_  +   1625d ago
This. People love being sheep they need someone to tell them what to play.
Kurt Russell  +   1625d ago
But it's not unprofessional to release a shit game?

The game deserves a slating, it plays horribly, looks like dick and has impossible to get a game multiplayer
godsinhisheaven  +   1625d ago
The game probably didn't meet the public expectation but 0/10 is too absolute of a score to be fair.
nnotdead  +   1625d ago
disagrees because 1up gave DNF a F or 1/5. metacritic just converts that into a 0.
Petro  +   1625d ago
As you have probably read already, 1UP didn't give it a score of 0.
buckley  +   1625d ago
Does have a lower score than F?
earbus  +   1626d ago
Meta who ? must be some fancore crap.
shades72  +   1626d ago
It's a review aggregate website that is well used and well known.
gunnerforlife  +   1626d ago
i think he was being sarcastic
everyone knows meta but most of us hate it cuz it causes fanboy wars most of the time
Quagmire  +   1626d ago
If this is a Zero, then what the hell is Big Rigs: Over the Road racing?
DeFFeR  +   1625d ago
Son_Lee  +   1625d ago
Leisure Suit Larry must have to use imaginary numbers, then.
the_kutaragi_baka  +   1626d ago
fail to the king baby!

_Empath_  +   1625d ago
Anime sucks.
M-A-R-S-H-A-L-L  +   1626d ago
....What?! 0/10?

I highly doubt this game is a 0/10.
dukegodtezza  +   1626d ago
9 out of 10 for me
come get some
T-What  +   1626d ago
All this pr voes is that reviews are stupid and the only people who should decide if a game is good or bad is yourself. I hate stupid people with a passion.
arjman  +   1626d ago
What a load of bullshit, I've completed it and it's definitely not a zero, it's not a 8 or 9 but it deserves a 5 at least!
buckley  +   1626d ago | Interesting
Wow. All this review does is make certain that I won't take's reviews seriously. Dude should be ashamed of himself, and I can't believe the reviews editor would allow that kind of crap to be posted.

That's not a review, that's a rant.
M1chl   1626d ago | Bad language | show
killerhog  +   1626d ago
1up has to be one of the very rare most fair review sites I know. They unlike other game websites would take the time to go back to a game and re-review it if they feel a patch/update helps and makes the game better. An example would be MAG. Duke was never a good game and I called this one sucking. I don't care if he was an icon during my years growing up in the 90's. 1up gave it a genuine letter grade that meta transfers into a 0 and like I said 1up will more than likely re-review but don't get your hopes up the highest it'll go is a D-.
#21 (Edited 1626d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(4) | Report | Reply
buckley  +   1626d ago
It's not a matter of the letter grade, it's that there's very little explanation in what shaped up to be a tirade rather than a review.
joeorc  +   1626d ago
agree 100%
you cannot call it a review if the score is a zero, that would be saying the game is completely unplayable. which is not even close to the case at all.

giving a zero to the game is a slap in the face to the developer's. what your saying it's not even worth a score for the review.

if that's the case than so be it, just do not come crying when your review site gets the next game to review "Last after every other game review site has got it before you or they may even misplace your copy"

the strangest thing happened your copy was shipped to another review

this is things that damage the reputation as a review site, I hope it was worth it.
Aloren  +   1626d ago
The score is not 0, it's F. That's very different. Now F is a very bad "score", but it's still not 0... (and no, it's not about credits, it's about the percentage)
#21.1.2 (Edited 1626d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(4) | Report
killerhog  +   1626d ago
oh yeah another game would be King of Fighters. They re-reviewed it but it didnt get a significant grade boost
mrsatan  +   1625d ago
Any website that uses letter grades for reviews is terrible. I am not in school, I want a numerical value.
WillGuitarGuy  +   1626d ago
Wooooow! That's a low blow to the developers.
Krakn3Dfx  +   1626d ago
I think the blow to the developers was when their studio spent 14 years trying to put out a game, only to hand it over to Gearbox and have them release it a year later.

George Broussard is a disaster for game development.
#22.1 (Edited 1626d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
fullymoated  +   1626d ago
Did anybody actually read the article? They gave it an "F", not a 0/10. It was metacritic who converted it to a zero score.
Peaceful_Jelly  +   1626d ago
because an F is a 0 and an A+ is a 10...
#23.1 (Edited 1626d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
voodoochild346  +   1625d ago
an f is anywhere between a 59-0. basic stuff taught in schools....
joeorc  +   1626d ago
"Did anybody actually read the article? They gave it an "F", not a 0/10. It was metacritic who converted it to a zero score. "

an "F" is a zero, IE: no credit

I could understand that if the Game could not be played at all.

but that is not the case the game
play is still there.

can the game be played at all?

that's by 1up's review they are giving the gameplay a :ZERO

no game deserves a Zero for the simple fact is if the game can be played an based on just that very basic principle if it was completely unplayable it would never get past the Play test stage. while There is some cases that certain parts of a game can have bugs, if the game goes gold there is very much no chance the game is completely unplayable.

thus even if you hate the game you cannot give it a fail on playability no matter how much you hate it. giving any game a zero that's playable is just wrong on so many level's.
killerhog  +   1626d ago
a game being able to turn on and be played shouldnt be a standard to automatically get a few points. no game will ever release 100% not working/functional. every game whether real bad or real good will always work/run. reviewers review every aspect of the game. maybe he thought the gameplay was crap too and overall just gave the game an F which doesnt mean "its not playable".
PR_FROM_OHIO  +   1626d ago
1UP?? I didn't know they still exist LMAO
Pollak  +   1626d ago
This just highlights the overall problem with metacritic. 1up gave the game an F and metacritic translated it into a 0/100. Metacritic doesn't know how to interpret the letter grade to a number. A prime example is some games which received a D+ have a score of 45 while other have a score of 33.
Rikan  +   1626d ago
@ undercovrr I pissed you off? oooOOOooo lol
voodoochild346  +   1625d ago
even though i agree with you i had to give you a disagree because of your picture of lady gaga holding up the "666" symbol
Rikan   1626d ago | Personal attack | show | Replies(1)
Krakn3Dfx  +   1626d ago - Reviewing for the hits.
Raoh  +   1626d ago
lol, has 1up every graded a game with an F? I recall D and D- but never an F

Simco876  +   1626d ago
I'd still hit it!
Sugreev2001  +   1626d ago
It's the hype and the lack of any work Gearbox did that killed it.Seriously,Randy Pitchford - I Am Disappointment.
mttrackmaster38  +   1626d ago
How is this Gearbox's fault. Randy just wanted to release the game. If Gearbox had took the time to fix it they might as well have redid the whole game. The next Duke Nukem (if there is one) will probably be a lot better.
Sugreev2001  +   1626d ago
They took the Reins about a year ago,and most of what we saw was already done by the game looked justifiably confused and outdated.
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