Cliffy B will never make ICO - "I'm more of a Michael Bay type guy"

Famously outspoken Epic Games super-dude Cliff “Don’t call me ‘Cliffy B’” Blezinski says he will never make a game in the artful style of ICO or Shadow of the Colossus.

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Mr Tretton2740d ago

That's not something I'd go saying out loud

PrimordialSoupBase2740d ago

I'm not at all a fan of him or his games but not every game has to be ICO.

Enigma_20992740d ago


But why does every game have to be a FPS?

TBM2740d ago

Well cliffy im glad because id hate to see any characters you come up with for a stylish type game looking like steroids freaks lol.

Anyway still looking forward to your Gears 3.

Plus you should broaden your horizon and think about doing a different type of game. Cliffy wouldn't you like people to think of you as more then a one dimensional developer?

Armyntt2740d ago

See heres the thing about Bay. Who and why are you comparing him too? He makes summer movies. Movies you can go to and just enjoy. Hes not Spielberg, hes not Nolan. Hes Bay and he makes fun popcorn movies. Would i want him directing something a little serious like something about the events of PEARL HARBOR, NO! But i dont mind his movies if you take them for what they were made and intended for.

taylork372740d ago

I gotta agree.

He makes his types of games, games that he would like to play.

PS3 fanboys need to stop being butt hurt because they somehow think he is dissing a PS3 exclusive.

Inside_out2740d ago (Edited 2740d ago )

Ico and other games like that have their little audience but Epic would go broke making artsy fartsy, silly games. Those guys think people have 5-10 years to wait for their game. Those days are over and if the last guardian fails, they will never recover.

I`ll take COD, Halo and Gears every year over those types of games you play once or twice and never look at again. Could you imagine if all these guys were taken 5-10 years to make games...the industry would die.

People love to hate Activision, BUT the COD franchise is the biggest money making and selling entertainment entity out there. It is single handedly bringing billions into the gaming world. The dumb haters, who are clueless want to talk about a game like The last Guardian but there would be no market with out the Marios, Halo`s, Gears and Cod`s of the world. We`d all be waiting 5-10 years for a game...O_o

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LarVanian2740d ago (Edited 2740d ago )

I would much rather be someone like Ridley Scott or Martin Scorsese than directors like Michael Bay or Zack Snyder. Scott and Scorsese are extremely artistic and diverse in their direction, whereas Bay and Snyder are more action oriented.
But to give Cliffy B his dues there are very few people in the gaming industry who can display art and emotion the same way in which Fumito Ueda and the rest of Team Ico can.

CNXN2740d ago

snyder and bay have their moments

LocO_o2740d ago

The Island for the win!!!!!!!

zootang2740d ago

You could say that Kojima is like Scott or Scorsese.

CNXN2740d ago

also cliffy doesnt seem like the kind of guy with a creative vision.

plmkoh2740d ago

His audience doesn't demand anymore, so he is simply following where the the money's at.

Septic2740d ago

He's not following where the money's at- he is just following what he is good at. His origins lie within the realms of Unreal Tournament- visceral action packed gaming. His games only compliment his skills in that respect.

plmkoh2740d ago


So I'm a troll for thinking he's got business sense?

Flame harder, would'ya.

morganfell2740d ago

“I’m not the kind of designer who’ll ever do a Shadow of the Colossus or ICO – on that kind of cerebral level,” he said.

Well he is right. After all he is confusing the cerebral with the emotional, and intricacy with depth.

rezzah2740d ago

His FPS resembled Gears sooo much in dialogue and and character design it wasn't even funny.

It was official to me that this guy can't think too far.

disturbing_flame2740d ago

Everyone knew that. I mean no surprise.
It's a typical "Bay" production each and every time.

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