Team Fortress 2 trailer

Valve now released a direct feed version of last week's Team Fortress 2 trailer.

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Bill Nye3677d ago

You know this is also coming out on PC and PS3.

TheMART3677d ago

I serious have no idea, it's from an XBOX website and they didn't mention. If it is, enjoy the PS3 version of it

Bill Nye3676d ago

I'll enjoy the PC version, thanks.

Boink3676d ago

this game looks like fun, can't wait!

Yo Wassap3676d ago

Looks like fun, the graphics are well interesting... maybe not quite my style. But i won't pass judgement before playing.

Mikey_Gee3675d ago

I "LOVE" the cartoonish style look to this. I use to play the original TF like crazy. I have a funny feeling that if this is ANYTHING like the old one and half as much fun as the old one was ... it will be on the top of the XBL charts.