The Hackings Continue - BioWare

LoudMouthedGamers: Well the hacking community has been going insane with the various places that it has hacked since the initial Sony downfall. The latest victim was a decade old BioWare community server dedicated to the game Neverwinter Nights.

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Kamikaze82740d ago

Crazy, seems like everyday someone else is getting hacked now.

badz1492740d ago

It's pathetic. Can't really see when they will stop with all these. Oh well, at least now we know who's to be blamed if governments start to take extreme measures in internet censorship

Hands Up For Games2740d ago

I actually dont know what these Hackers aren trying to achieve by hacking sites and businesses that are also 'nerd' friendly.

It makes no sense (just like the Hackers).

GrieverSoul2740d ago

They are doing it because they can. For the lulz has they say. Sad, they could go to a club or something. You know, get out of the basement. :)

I wonder when N4G will be targeted. :(

RedDead2740d ago

I think it's a poke at the security...ya know lulzsec = laugh at your security basically. Really, they should not be able to break into all these things. It does show how bad it could be if it was someone actually trying to steal info for their benefit.They got into so many things

helghast1022740d ago (Edited 2740d ago )

The security argument is bullshit anyway, most of these attacks by Lulzsec were DDoS, there is no way to combat a DDoS attack without disconnecting from the internet.
DDoS =/= Hacking

earbus2740d ago

Lol classic stuff i find it very amusing.

Bolts2740d ago

Why haven't they hacked N4G yet? I guess this cesspool of fanboy-ism isn't worthy of their lulz.