Will The Wii U Fail? The 5 Key Problems Nintendo Will Face

Console cycles used to be simple – every few years the big names of the videogame world would announce new consoles, each more powerful than the previous incarnation. 8 bits became 16 bits, 16 bits became 32 bits, 32 bits became… well, you get the picture. We had no idea what a bit was, but we knew we wanted more of them.

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zeal0us2739d ago

Problem 1: Mediocre Hardware
Problem 2: Lack of Brand Loyalty
Problem 3: Multiple Screens Have Been Done Before
Problem 4: Affordability
Problem 5: Third Party Developers
*from the article*

Regardless of every problem listed by the editor the wiiU will still end up selling and more third party developers will probably jump on board compared to the wii. Doe it mean they will find a way to utilized the tablet? No