ARS - Dust 514 on PS3 will help, hurt EVE Online players in new ways

ARS - Halldor Fannar, CTO at CCP, has few illusions about what Dust 514 means for EVE Online, the studio's sci-fi/spaceship MMO. The PlayStation Network exclusive is designed to Interact concurrently and persistently with EVE Online, with players taking part in the PC MMO's stories and struggles. This is a major risk for the brand.

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Keith Olbermann2739d ago

This sounds awesome. I am in the 14 day free trial of Eve now and that game is amazing. Very complex and beautiful. Im not sure if I have enough time to dedicate to it though. This sounds like a win for PS3 owners and Eve online players.

solidworm2739d ago

fascinating...hope they can make this work.

coryok2739d ago

wow, only paying for the download, thats a + lol

looking forward to this game


Revolutionary is what this game will offer in MMO Genre.